Beta Launch

The new beta site is *expected* to launch later today. Visitors will be able to visit the beta site by clicking on links on which will send users to Not all of the features will be available, such as My MSN, which will be open in early October. The new, MSN 7, along with new sites & services throughout the network will launch October 25th in New York City.
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10:02:16 EST Nov. 18 2005 #

Why did you hijack my homepage and put in a beta test? You need to ask permission; also your new page leaves a great deal to be desired!!

3:21:13 EST Mar. 2 2010 #

The new version is HIDEOUS!!!! Give me back the old version!! Until then I'm changing my home page!

23:43:43 EST Nov. 23 2005 #

IT SUCKS!!!! How can I get back to the regular MSN page???

12:06:33 EST Mar. 6 2006 #

Beta has hijacked my old msn I want the old one back. How do I get it back?

14:09:30 EST Apr. 10 2006 #

I truly HATE this beta version. I want the old MSN BACK!!

4:40:22 EST Apr. 22 2011 #

l want my old yahooemail back , it very hard to get around the new one it gave me a very hard time to understand it . l needed to log out a few times to get to my email..just want my old one back how can l get it back l really appreciate it can u help me to get it back...thank u

18:13:41 EST Nov. 26 2009 #

What's wrong with the old web page? I thought it
was great! Don't MS care what its users think anymore. What a slap in the face! Thank you, I won't
have another.

1:04:02 EST Mar. 11 2006 #

I have the same problem. How do I get the normal msn homepage back?

6:52:34 EST Apr. 4 2006 #


4:35:14 EST May. 13 2006 #

I deleted the new msn as stated.. But HELP me to keep the old msn due to the new one is back again...

Bao Le
12:43:47 EST Dec. 21 2009 #

I hate the new MSN homepage, it is very bad !

0:07:18 EST Nov. 27 2005 #

I Hate msn beta! If you don't bring back the old
version I'm switching to AOL.

13:40:58 EST Dec. 1 2005 #

I have always enjoyed the look of the old MSN home page, now that it has changed I think MSN will loose additional market share to Yahoo and google. Its great that they are improving the functionality but bring back the old look.

0:35:12 EST Dec. 8 2005 #

How do I retrun to the old MSN, the Beta is Terrible?!?!?!?!?!?

6:51:25 EST Apr. 4 2006 #

just remove your cookies and internat files

3:03:41 EST Dec. 23 2005 #

this new beta page stinks, just like a beta they get ya without even making anyone aware, i am going fishing elsewhere!

4:19:40 EST Dec. 29 2005 #

how do i get my regular msn back

18:10:16 EST Mar. 16 2006 #

what happened to the old msn home page ?now that you have done away with the little house to read our mail Ican no longer get to my emails, thanks a bunch I really don"t appreciate it at all!

Jim Wilson
5:02:22 EST Mar. 22 2006 #

All 10 prior comments are correct. Microsoft needs to deep six Beta MSN--how can I get back my old screen? Bill Gates is the anti-Christ!

8:13:52 EST Mar. 27 2006 #

i was without my computer 3 months and msn claims they don't have my emails or my password.

msn se pidit
21:28:09 EST Jun. 11 2009 #

you bloody.. how dare you to put on your new system showing the old searches which have been done on computer?if u won't delete this sysytem soon then i have 2 only comlain on international level

6:23:53 EST Apr. 8 2006 #

I too do not like the beta page. To remove it, I just removed the page from temp internet files. I was not happy when I logged on to find that my homepage was changed without advance notice or permission.

11:03:27 EST Apr. 9 2006 #

I also logged in this morning, I'm not happy at all. My computer is running slower than a snail. I will go else where. Thanks alot msn. You messed up this time. we have been very happy with the old not with the NEW. IT SUCKS!

15:09:07 EST Mar. 25 2010 #

I too hate the new MSN. Why did you change it and not even ask.
After reading all the other Posts; I'd think you would take the hint and change it back to the old one.

4:17:02 EST Apr. 13 2006 #

What happened to my regular msn webpage. I do not like the beta page. I want to remove it or I will start up with someone else's webpage and not use yours!

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