1. I have difficulties signing-in.  This can a caused by number of things.
    1. But mostly if you enter invalid Member ID or/and password.  Remember that Member ID is numeric value given to you after successful completion of the registration.  If is also send to you, to the email address that you have provided.
    2. Another reason for not being able to sign-in is that the server might be temporary down.  If so this will resolve itself within 5-7 minutes, and then retry again.
    3. Not connected to the internet, Network difficulties.
  2. How to use NetAgent?
    NetAgent is "Taskbar Application" - runs in lower-right corner beside clock - first you have to sign-in using Member ID and Password (if you do not have Member ID click here).  Once NetAgent notifies you about news, you can double click on the NetAgent icon OR click on News Agent icon using right-mouse-button, then select "Read new News"
  3. I can not tell if NetAgent is working.   NetAgent will notify you about news postings on WinInsider web site.  Moreover it will only alert you to the topics that you have set in the options.  And will check for updates every so often that it is set, also in options. So If you want to increase amount of notifications. Select all topics, and set check frequency to 5 min. Also keep in mind that weekends are slow news days, so if you are going to stare at the NetAgent Icon, then it will be a while. Also between 18:00 and 10:00 Eastern Standard Time there are no news postings.
  4. To uninstall previous versions of News Agent (1.03 or 1.02), simple delete News Agent *.exe file from the folder that you downloaded News Agent to.
    If you cannot find the NewsAgent exe file, you can just remove these System Registry Keys, and NewsAgent will not start anymore.
    Key Name: NWNewsAgent located in
    and Key

To see if NetAgent is best for you, let it run for few days.

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