WinInsider provides numerous services that you can easily add to enhance your site and add tremendous value to your visitors.

1. Add content via simple <script> tag

With almost no effort adds content to your site.

2. Add content via RSS 

Gives you more control over how the content is displayed on your site.

3. Search service

Looking for specific info? No problem, the search service allows you to narrow down your search through numerous filters and returns info and news your are searching.  Our database constrains 5000 news records, and is growing ever day.
 Add Search Service to your site

4. Notification service

Want to keep closer contact with your site visitors? Consider using alerts to let them know about changing content on your site, like a new forum post, or reply to their question.

What is Notification service?
Notification service is .NET WebService that will allow your site to send real-time notifications to users of NetAgent. For instance when someone replies to a forum post, instead sending a email massage, send real-time notification to user. NetAgent Alerts are similar to those of MSN Messenger.

 Add Alerts Service to your site
More info about Alerts Service
See Alerts Service in action

5. NetAgent News service

  Allows your site to tap-into functionality of NetAgent, and leverage it to enhance your site.  For purposes such as delivering content to your visitor's desktops so they are up-to-the-minute on your site's content changes, or for sending them notifications.

What dose NetAgent News Service do?
NetAgent News will allow your site through RSS feed to deliver content to user's desktop. Moreover you can also use WebService (or WebService wrapper for PHP or ASP 3.0 sites) to deliver richer content to users desktop.

 Add News Service to your site
More info about News Service

6. NewsShare service

  Low traffic on your site, what if you could post your content to other sites to drive more traffic to your site.  Or if your site is low on content, what if you could access content of other sites to post on your site.  NewsShare makes all this possible.

What is NewsShare Service?
NewsShare is .NET WebService that will allow you programmatically access to news from different web site. As well to contribute and consume (share) news that you will find on the web with other news sites.

 Add NewsShare Service to your site
More info about NewsShare Service
See NewsShare Service in action

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