Please note posts that contribute very little to discussion topics (mostly posts that simply mock other people in the forums) may be archived (removed) ever so often. Especially in discussion that are very lengthy, in order to cut down on the navigations through the discussion pages.

For instance posts like:
You are stupid

Also note that WinInsider is not affiliated with Microsoft in any shape, way or form. So please don't expect responses to requests that you make addressed to Microsoft or its employees.

Moreover, posts that contain CD/Product Keys or requests for them will be deleted as discussions topics get archived.

A tip: Use the reply link. If you want to reply to someone's post use the "reply" link, instead of just adding another message to the bottom of the news comments; this way comments are displayed based on threaded dialogs. Moreover, it is not necessary to quote extensively other people messages, as the news comments are threaded, and so everyone will now to whom you are replying and on what subject.

We also strongly urge not to engage in flaming or person attacks on others, it is just not that kind of site, and if you are going to engage in such behavior, you can go somewhere else. Also keep the discussion on the topic of the thread.

If you have not sign-up for the user name, note that you will be prohibited to post messages that contain HTML tag(s), link(s) or email address(es).

We strongly encourage debates, exchange of information and opinion as we believe through such discourse all participants can learn more about verity of topics and other points of view.

Finally, messages posted on this Web site as discussion threads are solely the opinions of their creators and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of


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