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Fri, Sep. 3 2004 01:03
In a small network all PCs (workstations) are running WindowsXP Professional SP1 with static IPs from the network. One of them (called "server") have 2nd NIC, connected to the ISP's switch, with static and real IP. With the help of simple ICS of that 2nd connection to the ISP, all workstations in LAN have access to the Internet - simple and effective, isn't it? Question is: Can workstations have dynamic IP's ( "Obtain an IP address automatically" ), given from the "server", but allways the same workstation lease the same IP - so called "static DHCP" or "reserved IPs"? Can that be done without help of any additional software, like WinGate and etc. Can that be done with simple modifying of server's registry? Something like: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\TCP_IP\DHCP\ with data: Host1 -> MAC=xx:xx:xx:xx;; Host2 -> MAC=xx:xx:xx:xx;; and so on...? Question is concerned with the problem of fast and quick restoration of workstations after massive crash (let suppose all PCs have disk image and after 2 minutes they can be restored) - it is reasonable DHCP to be used, but the problem is with that reserved IP's, based on host's MAC address. So, again: With NO use, or help, of additional software, can be that possible - all PCs, runnig WinXP Pro SP1 in network to lease reserved IPs every time their DHCP client requests IP, and that lease is based only on their MAC address? For simplification we have to accept, that all PCs are with NTFS partitions with encryption, all users are with limited rights, all BIOS are password protected, 1st bootable device is HDD, all PCs cases are locked, so BIOS can't be erased, administrator password is 20 character long, changed once per week, using all printable characters - so we don't interest now in MAC spoofing... We don't comment any additional network resources, like file servers, print servers, proxy servers, storage area and etc. Just reserved IPs, without additional software! Thanks in advance!
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