Microsoft is shit magnet

C|Net | at | by Mike

Sorry for the lack of better title, but yet another company that has failed to create compelling product/service and is now suing Microsoft for their own negligence. I guess when your are number one company in the world with $40 billion in reserves, then you are going to attract shit like that. I guess you got to find a source of profit somewhere, I just didn't expect that it would be in others companies pockets.

In a new suit that echoes earlier charges from Netscape, Sun Microsystems and others, Microsoft is accused of bullying companies out of using products and stealing the streaming company's technology. The suit, filed Tuesday in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California, claims Microsoft's upcoming video encoding and decoding product, Corona, includes Burst's patented video-delivery technology. The company also alleges that Microsoft pressured partners and customers, including Intel and RealNetworks, into dropping support for Burst technology. And it claims Microsoft intentionally caused Burst's products to be incompatible with Windows software.