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There are several pages that will help you to find what you want to read about. Main page displays all the latest headlines.  You can personalize how many news items you want to see at once.  But If you are casual visor, some news topics may no longer be available on the main page.  If you visit us once a week, then News Archives page is the best place to find what you are looking for.  You can also narrow down News by topic on Main News Page.  And for the most comprehensive search you can use the Advance Search page. On average per day we post 5-to-15 news items from all respected and trusted news sources, so you do not have to spend time browsing through what does not interest you.

You can chat with other site visitors about Windows XP, Office XP, Visual Studio .NET and have few laughs at Microsoft's Completion in the Bash forum.

Member Community
In Member Community, you'll find a variety of membership benefits, addtional forums, access to Exclusive IT and Software/internet Developer links.  Also once you join Membership your never again have to rewrite email address and name on many forms that are on WinInsider.

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