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Mon, Feb. 21 2005 13:46

Howdy Ya'll...

I am looking for recommendations on optimum Performance Options and File & Printer Sharing Properties settings for a recently upgraded company PDC.

We have a small 25 user, single server environment where the Win2k3 PDC roles are DNS Server, Application Server (supporting 2 SQL Server 2k company apps) and File Server (various MSOffice & Other applications data files).Hardware platform is a whitebox server based on Intel SE7210TP1-E Mobo w/ 3GHz P4 HT processor, 2GB PC3200 DDR ECC Memory, Adaptec 29160 Ultra320 SCSI Host controller for the OS HD (Seagate Ultra320 Cheetah), Adaptec 2120S Ultra320 RAID controller configured RAID 1 (2-Seagate Ultra320 Cheetah drives) with Intel network Fast Ether components end-to-end (NICS and Switch).

What I'm looking for is quidance on what the optimum Performance Options and  File & Printer Sharing Properties settings.

  1. Performance Options?Processor Scheduling... a) Programs OR b) Background Services
  2. Memory Usage... a) Programs OR b) System cache
  3. File & Printer Sharing Properties settings?
    • Minimize memory used OR
    • Balance OR
    • Maximize data throughput for file sharing
    • ORMaximize data throughput for network applications

Also are their any suggestions on Virtual Memory Settings based on the info provided.

Thanks in advance for your expertise.

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