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Mon, Dec. 6 2004 03:51

I have a folder named Cyberlink, which once housed my PowerDVD software, when I open it, all of the folders names are symbols. When I tried to delete the file, I can not do it. The first problems that I noticed was that my speaker could not be found,  went to start....control panel....multimedia... audio is greyed out, I tried to find some new DVD software and  allowed newdotnet in. My question is that I have tried everything that I know of. In the greyed out audio tab, I can see that the option for the speaker to be in systray is checked. My soundcard is Crystal Semiconductors, built into the Motherboard (Asus) I have tried to find anything associated with the motherboard, but am at a standstill. I have tried to uninstall the soundcard Crystal, and it redetects it, but still the same problem.

Thanks to anyone who can shed light on my problem

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