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Thu, Jun. 2 2005 08:19

WebSurveyor, the leading provider of online surveys, has announced RSVME - a new free product that is likely to change the way people collect get feedback from their friends, family and co-workers. You can download RSVME for free at


What does it do?

Whether you want to select the best time for soccer practice, find who's bringing what to a party, or get your friends' opinion on the latest movie, RSVME allows you to complete all these tasks straight from Microsoft Outlook. Now you don't have to send multiple e-mails and then spend valuable time putting results together. All responses appear on one easy-to-read form you can instantly share the Q&A summary with respondents to make sure everybody is on the same page.


All you have to do is:

-         Select RSVME icon in MS Outlook

-         Click on New Q&A button

-         Type questions in the upper box and answer options in the lower one, save your personal 'survey' and send it straight from your e-mail application to respondents.

-         Click on RSVME button again to review the answers and send the Q&A summary to the respondents or anybody you want straight from your MS Outlook


So what?

The first product of its kind that eliminates e-mail processing hell. Anybody who has to send more than three e-mails and then aggregate responses to solve a 'personal logistics' problem will appreciate it.  And the price is right - it's free.  

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