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Thu, Jul. 6 2006 15:27
Is there truly anything that a PC can do that a Mac can't? Before you answer, let me say a few things and dispel some common misconceptions about the Mac platform. - I use my computer for mainly music, photos, videos, some games, IMing, and A LOT of internet. - I'm not interested in being able to upgrade my motherboard, graphics chip, PCI slots, or in the ability to just put any piece of internal hardware lying around into my Mac. - Windows is no longer run through an emulator, it can be installed natively on a Mac and run full-speed Windows-only applications. - I'm not a hardcore gamer who plays Halo, Warcraft, Counter-Strike, or anything similar to those I just listed. I occasionally play some small internet games along with other games which aren't too processor/graphics-intensive. - I believe in the phrase "You get what you pay for", therefore I do not want to buy a $300 Dell. I currently have an Inspiron 1100 which is literally falling apart after only about 2 years of use, and most of the time it's just sitting on my desk, with some occasional travel. - There are >100,000 spyware/viruses/trojans for PCs, and ~4 trojans for the Mac that are required by the nature of the Mac OS to ask your permission before it is launched. Please reply if you have any reasons I should NOT buy a Mac. Reasons such as "macs suck buy a pc" are not what I'm looking for. Thank you for the replies. I'm just trying to get the whole story since I've read a lot about how great Macs are, and now I want to see the opposite perspective. :)
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