Microsoft delivers second IE 9 platform preview

WinInfo | at | by Mike

Microsoft on Wednesday delivered the second developer-oriented preview release of its Internet Explorer (IE) 9 web browser, fulfilling an earlier promise to deliver updates to the technology on a regular schedule. The IE 9 Platform Preview 2 is a bare-bones application that provides no hint about the future UI, but it provides developers with an updated peek at the product's hardware acceleration and rendering capabilities.

"Today's release builds on the first Platform Preview, delivering improvements to IE 9's performance, support for standards, and hardware acceleration of HTML5," Microsoft General Manager Dean Hachamovitch wrote in a blog post announcing the release. "Developers should expect much more from browsers in order to deliver the graphically rich, interactive applications that HTML5 will enable. In IE9, our goal is to provide professional-grade, modern HTML5 support on top of modern hardware through Windows."