Microsoft: This is how we integrated ChatGPT into Bing

ZDNews | at | by Mike

Microsoft has offered some details about Prometheus, the proprietary AI model it created to integrate ChatGPT-like functionality into Bing search. Microsoft has already said the new Bing is "much more powerful" than OpenAI's GPT-3.5 AI model behind ChatGPT.

Public experimentation, however, quickly showed the chatbot feature was prone to unexpected outbursts, which prompted Microsoft to limit the number of "chat turns" to five per session to stop it becoming confused. Now, Microsoft's CVP of search and AI, Jordi Ribas, has shared some details about Prometheus -- Microsoft's proprietary model that meshes Bing with OpenAI's GPT model to generate more relevant results in Bing -- and how it went about building the new Bing. Ribas' explanation comes as users discovered that Microsoft had been testing Sydney with users in India in late 2021. Users there reported in November 2022 that Sydney was "rude" in almost exactly the same way users found it to be after Microsoft released the new Bing. According to Ribas, OpenAI shared its "game changing" post-GPT-3.5 model with Microsoft in summer 2022. Microsoft president Brad Smith said it was shown the OpenAI technology "early last summer" in his blogpost about Microsoft's "responsible AI"