Huge Windows 11 update adds Bing AI Chat, tabbed Notepad, an

PC World | at | by Mike

Microsoft’s latest feature update to Windows 11 arrives today, allowing you to access Bing AI Chat within Windows 11, quickly record a video snapshot of your screen, help lower your power bill, and even eventually control your Apple iPhone (yes, the iPhone!) directly from your PC.

Microsoft’s latest Windows 11 February 2023 feature update is actually more of a “Moment,” the name given to the small feature updates Microsoft tacked on to the Windows 11 2022 Update or 22H2. Microsoft called the October 2022 release of a new tabbed File Explorer and other features a new “experience,” but has called this release “an update.” You’ll probably still see the winver command refer to it as “22H2.” Either way, there are several new features to talk about. Keep in mind, though, that new Windows 11 features are delivered in two ways: Integrated Windows additions as well as apps. The former updates include the updated Bing AI Chat, controls for Windows Studio Effects, and more usable UI for tablets and 2-in-1 PCs. However, the manufacturer is also providing new or updated apps for Phone Link, an updated Chat app, and a redesigned Widgets and Quick Assist app.