Windows Live Messenger for Vista available

Microsoft has released the final version of its new IM client optimized for Windows Vista.

Windows Live Messenger 8.1 offers enhancements that make it more compatible with Vista, which had its widespread consumer release on Tuesday.

Updates in the IM client include new looks for emoticons, contacts, and display photos that take advantage of Vista's new and improved user interface, Microsoft said.

Microsoft also added the ability to send an SMS to a phone number or add phone numbers for contacts by clicking on a cell-phone icon in the client's main window. Also new is the ability to send a personal message when users want to add a new contact to their contact list.

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11:01:37 EST Feb. 5 2007 #

Ever since I purchased my new Acer Aspire with Vista I have been trying to run Microsoft Live Messenger 8.1 only to have it repeatedly crash with a memory overflow error when I attempt to interact with it in anyway. I un-installed and reinstalled Flash at least 3 times per the suggestions if Vista gurus. Major waste of time!!

I had installed Skype and as usual it was rock solid. I tried Trillan Pro and could chat with MSN Messenger users in text but not using voice or video.

Finally I right clicked on the Live Messenger icon to discover a run as administrator option and low and behold it works. This is very strange in that I always log on as the administrator! I also noticed that Until I logged on to it as the administrator PalTalk would crash upon exiting (ran as expected but closing it suggested an error had been logged). Now PAL closes without a fuss. I have modified the run properties of critical programs such as Messenger, PalTalk and FireFox so that they request administrator permission. A pain and a worry in that it seems that even though I open as an administrator with a password the system treats me as a guest!

23:18:45 EST Feb. 10 2007 #

I have been trying to use messenger since getting a new laptop, but it keeps shutting down as soon as I sign in - have tried to run as administrator, but that doesn't seem to be working either - any ideas please? I'm tearing my hair out!

12:18:35 EST Feb. 19 2007 #

you can also install yahoo messenger. It supports msn addresses.

10:07:49 EST May. 13 2007 #

I have been having the exact same problems and logging on as an administrator isn't working for me. I went to and got 7.0 that is working properly, though you lose some of the new features.

7:47:21 EST Dec. 20 2007 #

change the DEP settings by going into system,then performance setting and u will find DEP.

5:26:59 EST Feb. 16 2007 #

same problem as everyone else - right click on messenger shortcut and log in as administrator - fixed

4:36:35 EST Feb. 19 2007 #

Thanks Jason good tip that fixed it for my daughter

3:46:59 EST Mar. 25 2007 #

to jason .. dude that shit acutally worked i apprechiate it allot thanks allot man..


6:20:09 EST Apr. 8 2007 #

thank you this worked for me, nearly gave up till i found this site sound advice

18:53:48 EST Jul. 1 2007 #

download Messenger 7.0 b4 u sign in... go into tools... then connection then advanced settings... untich the box next to "TCP" ok it all and then sign in... should get u going till they come up with a fix for the new version

8:16:31 EST Mar. 18 2007 #

Thank you so much. Your solution works.I was lost without my messenger. Now I can get communicated with people again.

3:05:56 EST Mar. 24 2007 #

thank you so much for your help. i can now have a peaceful life as my daughter is happy.

18:58:04 EST Aug. 11 2007 #

Thanks! I also just bought an Acer Aspire with Vista. I downloaded MSN from the start bar, and it just kept telling me it wasn't working. I checked the website, and it said Windows Live Messenger was compatible with Vista, so why wasn't it working? So I checked my data execution prevention settings and tried to turn those of, and it said I needed to have DEP on with this program and I couldn't turn them off. Then I just searched for a DEP-compatible version of it and there isn't one. And that's when I found this! Thanks so much, I was about to go take this back and by a used computer with XP or something easier. I can't even upload music to Media player with this.

Edd Elgeti
7:10:19 EST Sep. 18 2007 #


thank you for that i had exagily the same problem

its wierd eh?

who would ave thaught as that

im the adminastrator anyway but ohh well
thanks again

Edd age 13

10:32:30 EST Sep. 27 2007 #

wow, ur idea totally worked. this is the first time i've been able to use windows live messenger since i got vista. thanx a lot

16:58:01 EST Oct. 1 2007 #

Thank God I read this site, I was trying for 2 weeks to get MSN to work, I nearly threw me laptop out the window until I thaught of how much it cost

12:00:35 EST Oct. 3 2007 #

Hi, I have read all your comments on the problem with downloading MSN Messenger with Vista.
I am having BIG problems with Vista, I've downloaded the latest version of messenger, but it wont open!! I signed in as the administrator, still wont open. Uninstalled it and downloaded an older version of msnger, and the msg came up - I need to download the latest version.
My new pc is about to go out the window. Can anyone suggest anything?? please!!!


16:23:38 EST Oct. 3 2007 #

go to google and type in download windows messenger 7.0, thats what I use and is fine, if not that try the other ones above that. Annoying isnt it, having a new computer and trying to resist braking it i had the problem of it not working

3:23:41 EST Nov. 17 2007 #

Thank you so much for saying that it halped me greatly!!!!

8:50:49 EST Nov. 25 2007 #


8:42:06 EST Nov. 29 2007 #

thanks mate i gt same pc and im an IT tecnician an i couldnt work out y it wasnt working thats helped a lot as vis basic was doing the same ive now gt rid off dep out of the registry (i wouldnt do if u dont know how and im nt telling anyone eaither) and it works straight out its a stupid system i only have it caue the people at work are buying laptops with it on so i went out and brought the cheapest one io could find that was half decent

6:53:24 EST Feb. 13 2007 #

I have same problem as Emma. New laptop preloaded with vista and windows live messenger but messenger is not DEP compatible. System will not let me by pass DEP to run messenger. Help please.

23:00:22 EST Mar. 19 2007 #

we had same problem with msn and took the advice to run as administrator and it now works thanks heaps we have been trying for weeks to fix it and getting really fustrated

22:17:54 EST Feb. 13 2007 #

Remove new version (8.1). and install (older) version 8.0. Worked for me. (do not update when asked for, as the system will crash again as before).

15:01:19 EST Feb. 17 2007 #

Thanks to who ever it was who explained the whole administrator thing..worked for me. Thanks to you I still have some hair left!

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