How to catch hackers--and make them pay

A new service from McAfee will soon let you discover whether anyone is hacking into your system and, if so, let you submit that information to the malicious user's ISP or local law enforcement officials. The project, known as, is an ambitious attempt by McAfee, a division of Network Associates best known for its antivirus products, to create an interactive antihacker community online. But will it make a difference?

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3:15:27 EST Jan. 31 2003 #

But how about the hackers who are hacking into personal e-mails and sending junk to family and friends right now, what do people like us do about that.

23:37:43 EST Aug. 11 2006 #

my enimy is hackin into my account and has changed my password i go onto forgot my password to try and change it but it dont work wot shall i do???

dun watch dat
8:59:49 EST Aug. 28 2006 #

well send a message to ur alternate email adress and tell them to change it once u have used it go to hotmail and go to it again it says that dis link has now expired ir somfin
den it comes up with evry thing on ur account and change your secrate answer

1:37:46 EST Feb. 4 2003 #

They should stop using the internet.

8:44:48 EST May. 18 2004 #

my msn account has been hacked in to all 3 of them i keep changing my password but they find the new one but i dont know who they are i need help to find out who they are

5:48:51 EST Aug. 5 2004 #

You probably have spyware on your computer. You'll need something like spybot search and destroy to make sure you don't get P0WNED again...

4:12:15 EST Jan. 8 2005 #

My ex boyfriend hacked into my user name at yahoo and changed my propile. It is really bad. How can I get it back and make him leave me alone.

12:34:52 EST Feb. 27 2005 #

the same thing has happened to me, they even watched wot was spoken about on msn account wen i speak 2 friends of mine about personal things

7:52:48 EST Mar. 30 2003 #

hackers are just trying to piss people off so ive created a way to stop the punks. its a back fire in their plot to destroy. is all you have to do is go to my web page and email me and ill tell you how to prevent hacking.

12:40:36 EST Mar. 11 2004 #

Hey man i have a hacker on my msn acount and he is causeing bloody hell ey so if you have something that can get rid of him tell me

4:44:32 EST Mar. 30 2004 #

uhm...change your password!!!

15:42:38 EST May. 9 2004 #

i have a big problem..... a personne hacked my msn password and my secret question... and i dunno how can i have it again.. plz help me

3:08:00 EST Jul. 22 2004 #

I am having the same problem... have you found a solution??

10:52:52 EST Mar. 31 2005 #

heyy i have thois promblem my friend wa shacked and he cant use his msn anymore and he wood like to get him off that msn just to get back at him cood u help him ?

10:09:53 EST Apr. 25 2004 #

everybody that logs in under my comp. has been hacked, how do i stop this freak

12:41:55 EST Aug. 11 2004 #

Have you tried changing all your ip addresses?

18:06:22 EST May. 30 2006 #

I need some help. I have this message that says I am logged onto my computer in other places and I know I didn't give anyone my passwords to anyone. I think it's a hacker or hacker(s). I am not sure how I can get rid of them because I didn't install the anti-virus/spyware software properly. And they must already know my passwords and everything. So please tell me me how I can get rid of them and keep them out. Thanks.

11:22:10 EST Oct. 8 2004 #

sum1 sayd that if i didnt buy them porn they wud ruin my computer 4 ever. i really am scared cus my computer is only new. how can i stop this evil person

1:01:43 EST Oct. 31 2004 #

well i guess get rid of internet if it gets bad

wire of MSN
14:32:47 EST Apr. 6 2005 #

The way some of this starts if after you accept a PIC from a "Hacker" they can then see your password,
Then the pretty much have just as much control over your MSN account as you do!!.....DON'T ACEPT PITCURES IN MSN MESSENGER FROM PEOPLE YOU DO NOT TRUST 100%.

14:30:07 EST Jun. 1 2006 #

This has to be the dumbest thing i've read. Maybe it was the kgb sending a EMP pulse to your modem? Download tor and get it running enter 8118 as http proxy and use 9050 for socks protocols, check all the boxes under connection/network settings. Your IM will then be more anonymous READ as unmonitorable. Run web based virus and spyware removed at trendmicros site.

5:51:40 EST Nov. 22 2004 #

Hya i have a serious problem. Some1 ages ago added me 2 their msn, and is now thratening me that if i leave him and never talk to him again, he will basically hack my computer. I have the evidence from my chats with him, but he says he will nick all my msns, send me viruses etc etc. We fell out and i want him outta my life, but im sure he already has access 2 my account. Pleaseeee help me beacuse i have no idea what to do. I have intsalled panta, spysweeper, AVG and kerio onto my computer but i need your help. pleaseeee

0:02:25 EST Feb. 6 2005 #

hi i have some1 trying to hack in my computer and there pissing me off and m8 thnx 4 taking ur time

jesse james
20:22:22 EST Mar. 6 2005 #

what is the website?
these punks sent me a virus and i want to get even

15:12:34 EST Sep. 21 2006 #

omg someone hacked me and chnafged my pass i cnat get in and my firend went on her acocnt i wasent on the hacker was i odnt no wut to do i forgot my secret question to!!!!

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