Microsoft hails Chicago datacenter opening

Microsoft this week is celebrating the formal "grand opening" of its mammoth Chicago-area datacenter, a key component in the company's effort to embrace services in the cloud.

>The news came in a post on the MS Datacenter blog.

"At more than 700,000 square feet, this facility significantly expands our ability to meet the demand generated from our Live, Online, and Cloud Computing services offerings for our customers," Arne Josefsberg, general manager of infrastructure services for Microsoft's Global Foundation Services, said in the post.

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18:58:24 EST Nov. 7 2009 #

Hewlett-Packard's Lyvan Tate. People say he's an incompetent oaf. Is it true? Does he know what he's doing? Apparently not. Time will tell. With HP's large stake in Microsoft data centers on the rise they should be sure not to make any mistakes at this point. We'll be watching.

8:03:14 EST Nov. 26 2009 #

I have met Lyvan recently. He definitely doesn't seem ready to take on any major role in the technical field. He claims to have a bachelor's in computer science which is sad because he actually has no real knowledge in this area for the most part. I guess he must have done a lot of partying in college. Hopefully Hewlett-Packard will not allow him into a position where he can cause us any grief here at the data center. He's a nice enough guy, just not too bright.

6:38:13 EST Dec. 27 2011 #

I have worked with Lyvan in Columbia as well as in Chicago, I have found him to be a tremendous asset. He has strong leadership skills and can get the job done. I am surprised by the previous comments.

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