Microsoft is shit magnet

Sorry for the lack of better title, but yet another company that has failed to create compelling product/service and is now suing Microsoft for their own negligence. I guess when your are number one company in the world with $40 billion in reserves, then you are going to attract shit like that. I guess you got to find a source of profit somewhere, I just didn't expect that it would be in others companies pockets.

In a new suit that echoes earlier charges from Netscape, Sun Microsystems and others, Microsoft is accused of bullying companies out of using products and stealing the streaming company's technology. The suit, filed Tuesday in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California, claims Microsoft's upcoming video encoding and decoding product, Corona, includes Burst's patented video-delivery technology. The company also alleges that Microsoft pressured partners and customers, including Intel and RealNetworks, into dropping support for Burst technology. And it claims Microsoft intentionally caused Burst's products to be incompatible with Windows software.

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7:03:02 EST Jul. 23 2003 #

Microsoft is SHIT, PC's are even worse. Outdated bollox technology. Everybody go get a Macintosh

19:28:30 EST Jul. 23 2003 #

go duch your self microsoft rulz and if you dont like it then go buy your apple comp that only 7% of the population owns and have fun finding a part for your comp when it brakes lol that will be fun. so what do you haev at home the (apple pie 64) or something stupid like that and you are waiting for that apple pie 65 in the year 2008 have fun playing your apple games like apple picker 2100 or something like that fag

13:50:25 EST May. 3 2004 #

We dont have to get pars because the mac does not brake down as often, and we dont get computers to play games you fucking child, what if only 5 percent of computer users have a mac? I have a mac and I dont miss the PC, and dont feel I have missed anything, with that crashing, filled with virus, ugly piece of shit windows machine

8:13:40 EST Feb. 27 2010 #

Since i bought a mac, surprise: no more virus!!! 100$ in my pocket instead of bill gates pocket

12:24:19 EST Mar. 14 2010 #

Hey. don't have a crack at Bill. MIcrosoft hasn't been his in years. Ballmer is the problem - no style and no class. Used cars and tin sidings is more his style.

8:59:52 EST Jun. 11 2008 #

oh deer go and die noob macs dont break down and NO VIRUSES ha and as for games you buy a GAMES CONSOLE not a crappy gamin pc dat dun even work coz they crash every 3 mins!!!11

8:23:52 EST Jan. 17 2009 #

Speaky Eenglish.... Twat?

6:05:04 EST Dec. 30 2009 #

Almost everyone that wrote on this post is a FVCKING R3TARD. Macs and PCs are both sh1t for many reasons. Microsoft is a piece of and shit and apple is almost as bad. Microsoft is shit because of windows vista, microsoft office 2007, shi77y xbox 360 controllers, and xbox 360 that explode every 2 seconds. Apple is sh1t because of itunes, because of Mac OS, because everything they make has a layer of child friendly, tard friendly spunk over it. I hate microsoft and apple. I cant live without a computer so i have to use a pc, I would NEVER buy a fVcking mac. I have used a mac constantly of the course of 2 days almost smashed it, no programs would run, all the software that comes with it is SH1T etc...

12:27:01 EST Mar. 14 2010 #

Whoo is the retard. Windows or Apple that's your choice. If ya can't work either go back to school.

8:25:52 EST Jan. 17 2009 #

learn to spell . Stoopid Muslim!

2:35:05 EST Jan. 25 2010 #

nippl* face fuc* you you wanke*

12:21:25 EST Mar. 14 2010 #

Tosser, how much is Ballmer paying you. Equally, write in english if you can.

Bag of wankkk
11:11:04 EST Sep. 22 2010 #

Microsoft is, was, and always will be... a bag of wank:)

9:50:09 EST Sep. 8 2006 #

I fucking hate microsoft they are shit!!! GO APPLE!!!!

1:34:28 EST Feb. 27 2007 #

I've been having trouble with ie 7 (shit) after spending 70 xp home real because my custom built pc the loser instaled a copy, and because it's oem if i want help from microsoft 40

12:49:20 EST Mar. 14 2010 #

OOOh, I know that problem. You've paid for XP but your preloaded system rejects it and you have to face the next few weeks trying to get your system to work .. AND your new system is so quick you can't get in to your POST settings .. not funny. Especially as I'm trying to run a business. NOT Ballmer's problem though as he is running a fascist and dictorial organisation. Count the days Steve.

8:46:19 EST Jan. 27 2008 #

Can A Mac Do Microsoft 3-D Flip?

Guess Not...

0:05:47 EST Apr. 24 2008 #

Apple is for design junkies and wannabe cool ppl. Apple has more "outdated bollox PC technology" in its belly than ever before. They're mostly going with standard PC components, otherwise things like Bootcamp wouldn't be possible. The only more advanced thing with Apple is the OS.
This PC bashing in favor of Apple is just ridiculous.

8:18:18 EST Jul. 30 2008 #

Microsoft is shit. I agree, but i wouldnt be able to cope without a windows pc, i would need a pc and then a mac to, well pc for gaming and mac for my design needs. I build websites before any of you say i am a wannabe designer so most of you can shut up, windows has it good and bad points and mac's do to so it is best to have both.

12:34:39 EST Mar. 14 2010 #

No it aint. I'm no Apple guru but the fact is that MS stuff sucks big time. My motherboard went awol the other day and it was cheaper for me to buy a new system - preloaded with windows 7 . Guess what ? f... all worked, including MS stuff. Having a Microsoft upgrade is like buying a car only to be told that you can only use microsoft fuel and by the way you need new seats and your stereo wont work.

12:53:53 EST Mar. 14 2010 #

Don't talk bollocks you idiot

0:20:44 EST Jul. 9 2008 #

microsoft is shit
sony pwns all

2:52:00 EST Aug. 5 2008 #

microsoft software IS shit there hundreds of errors/problems that an intelligent schoolkid wouldnt make, eg i have windows mail and there is a setting under junk email options which allows you to set option 'no automatic filtering' but STILL microsh1t is forever applying its own censorship rules on MY email. mind you i guess thinking about it, microsh1t represents yanks and yankee land pretty well ~ arrogant lying pieces of scum

8:22:34 EST Jan. 17 2009 #

Totally agree, back in the 1970's, Billy-Bob Gates was eating too many Cuck Sandwiches without the Bread.... Microsoft is the US equivalent of Islam.

0:40:48 EST Feb. 14 2010 #

Microsoft should be sued to a black hole in space for the shit they keep releasing

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