Windows market share rises

Two interesting market surveys indicate that Windows has actually gained market share in the most recent quarter, even though PC sales have almost flattened and will likely grow at an abbreviated rate through 2003. According to market researcher, Windows now controls 97.46 percent of the global desktop operating system market, compared to just 1.43 percent for Apple Macintosh and 0.26 percent for Linux. says its figures are derived from real-time global Web site analysis, and are an average of the past two months.
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0:34:58 EST May. 2 2003 #

ha ha! Linux has only 0.26% market share! Thats the dumbest thing Ive heard. Our University itself has more than 100 PCs running Linux. That means we have all the Linux editions in the world!
This dumb website is a front for microsoft.

4:27:24 EST Jun. 7 2005 #

Are you stupid? there are millions and millions of computers in the world...your 100 linux machines is .0001 percent of a million. DUH

5:44:46 EST Apr. 5 2006 #

You took Algebra in 8th grade? I thought grade was for Pre-Calc

2:27:57 EST Aug. 7 2003 #

As a Linux user, I would ask that, as fellow Linux user, you would refrain in making yourself and other Linux users look stupid when you call others dumb. Your post states that your 100 PC's make up the entire 0.26% of desktop linux installations in the world. If you apply some 8th grade alegbra, you can say that 100 = .0026 * X where X = the total number of desktops in the world according to your estimates. After some more 8th grade arithmetic, you can determine that there are about 38,462 PCs in the entire world (using your statements from above of course). I hope that its obviously rediculous to assume that there are only 38,462 PCs on the entire planet.

So... in conclusion, don't call some web site dumb while your are trying to say that there are only 38,462 PCs on Earth. The Linux user is stereotyped as a smart computer geek, lets not ruin that image... OK?

19:46:52 EST May. 10 2006 #

"The Linux user is stereotyped as a smart computer geek, lets not ruin that image... OK?"

That is hardly a stereotype, as I see it, because you have to be (or become) at least a little geekish to set up a truly compatible Linux system (unfortunately). As for people who are co-users of my system, they are unable to point out significant differences between Linux and MS Windows.

8:31:19 EST Nov. 17 2007 #

Guess what? Linux looks dumb with their deranged fat little penguin.

5:33:14 EST Feb. 23 2005 #

"ha ha! Linux has only 0.26% market share! Thats the dumbest thing Ive heard. Our University itself has more than 100 PCs running Linux. That means we have all the Linux editions in the world!"

Further proof, if any were needed, of the crass stupidity of the open source lunatics.

22:17:06 EST Feb. 24 2005 #

Please, both the "you are dumb" post and the "open source lunatics" post is completely unnecessary. There is a reason for the success of open source movement, as well as there is a reason for the windows domination. let's not get all "my daddy's better than yours" about the situation. Some people prefer open source, some don't, ok?

8:32:15 EST Nov. 17 2007 #

Ha! you're right about open source people!

2:19:14 EST Jan. 20 2006 #

To be fair, when ridiculing the comment about the university having 100 linux computers, you should really take into account that there's more than one university in the world, and there's a fair chance that a lot of them will have a similar usage of different operating systems. I do find it hard to believe that the usage of linux is so small, as there have been other recent surveys using different criteria that have found it to have already overtaken the mac. But i think it's also true that a lot of people think its use on the desktop (which this article is about) is higher than it actually is due to its far larger share of usage on servers that can't be denied. This technique using the web seems pretty good as it's hard to find out the true shares from sales, as a lot of people get some of the excellent free distributions of linux. So the lunatics may be low in number but at least they're not shelling out huge amounts of money for each computer they want an operating system for.

20:43:54 EST Oct. 23 2006 #

Why? Because they out perform Windows systems in every way?

Microsoft may have the Market share in sales. They do not have the most installed systems though.

That has been an Apache realm since 1995.

The only reason Microsoft has been so successful is that people are to lazy to learn the command line. A essential part of Unix and Linux systems.

When and if linux and unix systems designers develop and deploy a OS with a easy to use GUI. Windows will be doomed.

That though may already be coming with the advent of WEB OS.

Since they will be cross platform compatible a need for a stand alone OS on your system will be obsolete.

Therefore everyone making an os will be out of business unless they come up with one.

18:29:58 EST Feb. 20 2007 #

If linux users put as much effort into making linux desktop ready as they do in making fun of non-linux users windows would have been history before ME rolled around

4:10:53 EST Dec. 21 2007 #

The only reason Microsoft has been so successful is that people are to lazy to learn the command line...

Why stop there. Let's go back to punch cards. Are you saying Linux is comparable to DOS? There are good reasons why we no longer use DOS.

Our new Open Source team has wasted the last nine months trying to build a stable and productive development env. Somehow I don't see that as a good use of time.

Try this... Tell you CEO to do everything in command line. You'll go far.

18:25:37 EST Oct. 26 2008 #

Market share percentage is simply not an accurate way to determine true usage numbers for the Linux OS. That is marketing hype driven (not always directly either) by Microsoft.

Simple facts:

The number of Linux distributions purchased each year is a very small percentage of the the number actually installed and used. To quote another users comment "(it's freely downloaded no record behind)". Think of an ice burg, there is a LOT more here than you can easily see.

The "ease of use" that Windows touts or as one user describes it "dumb it down" is another marketing tactic, Linux is easy to use for even the youngest users. In fact, there are distro's out that target kindergarten and elementary age children. The fact that the command line is WAY more powerful and is there to use for those that know how is not the same as saying YOU HAVE TO USE IT. There is a command line tool in Windows as well that gives you access to more tools (CMD.EXE).

Another important fact that gets overlooked all the time...

Anyone that has to spend their time saying things like "it will never catch on" is already unaware of their own lack of intelligence and would have been said the same thing about Windows back in the 2.0 days because Unix was everything and Windows could not do anything that Unix could.

Linux has already "catching on" and has been for a while. Is it driving MS into bankruptcy, no and we should all hope not. Competition is the mother of innovation. Without the need to be better we will not grow.

This last bit is my opinion only but I will add it as I think it adds to the discussion...

Windows, Linux, Mac, BSD, etc... They all have a user base because there is a need that the other cannot fill. This is a good thing. One should NOT complain about having choices but instead embrace it and be damn glad that we have that choice to make.

I use Linux and Windows interchangeably on my Laptops and Desktops. I would own a Mac and enjoy using it if I could justify the price of a MacBook Pro. Let me say that the reason I do not stick to one or the other is choice and of course the right tool for the job.

8:19:10 EST Apr. 23 2006 #


0:04:22 EST Jun. 9 2006 #

can i get some surveys on the market share in 2005

23:02:16 EST Oct. 15 2006 #

No, Mac uses a modded version of FreeBSD. However, given Apple's love affair with form over any sort of function, I seriously wonder how the otherwise most secure operating system on the planet (FreeBSD) fared once they finished with applying Apple's characteristic eye candy.

0:11:10 EST Jul. 26 2006 #

Mac OSX is a version of Linux !
Apple abandoned their legacy OS and
took Linux kernel and adapted.

14:37:54 EST Jun. 5 2009 #

Jobs abandoned the legacy OS when he regained power. The Mac OS ceased to exist in favor of an OS based on Job's Nextstep/Openstep architecture. While Job's was at Next computers, he actually talked trash about the Mac. He's such a traitor...

5:01:07 EST Aug. 6 2006 #

0.26%?? I find that hard to belive....SuSE linux gets installed more then 7000 times/day...and thats just ONE distribution. If you take a look at you will find that it keeps track of some 300 distributions. I, for one, found the Linux community to be remarcably large. No doubt Windows dominates the Desktop market. Its been arround for a longer time and they have a strong marketing policy, but Linux is growing more then people think. Now that Xgl+Compiz are out, Linux can compete in the 3D desktop race...and it offers quite a fight. On the other hand most people havent even heard of linux, and this is mostly because Windows comes pre-installed on most PC's, more people are afraid to try it. Someone once asked me:"how do you watch movies in the Terminal".
Linux is still young...and its still growing. Open Source software is advancing verry fast and eventually its going to fill the gaps and catch up to Comercial OS's.

23:17:18 EST Aug. 8 2006 #

Some linux browsers might be configured to report Windoze as OS for compatibility reasons (some websites will, e.g. banks, will not let you in unless you have a compatible browser. Konquer could be configured to fake the version used.)

9:57:42 EST Oct. 22 2006 #

Unix based systems were here before Windows was even a glimmer in Mr. Gates eyes.

18:31:18 EST Feb. 20 2007 #

And that's why the model T is the best car ever made.

14:42:16 EST Jun. 5 2009 #

Yeah and dinosaurs roamed the earth 65 million years ago. A dinosaur is a dinosaur no matter how you slice it...

10:04:10 EST Oct. 22 2006 #

Where do they have a good breakdown on all OS market shares. Need something that is not Biased.

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