Microsoft pushes back Blackcomb to 2005

Microsoft plans to push back its next major operating system release, code-named "Blackcomb," to 2005 because the company fears the software could bring it further into conflict with antitrust regulators, say industry analysts.

In the interim, Microsoft is likely to release a less ambitious version of Windows dubbed "Longhorn" sometime in 2003--the date the company originally planned to ship Blackcomb, say analysts. Like Blackcomb, Longhorn will include features that contribute to Microsoft's much hyped .Net initiative, but it will omit database technology that could forge greater ties between Microsoft's operating systems and its Web services.

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7:09:52 EST Jan. 12 2003 #

how can i found blackcomb...

6:52:28 EST Jan. 12 2003 #

I do not think that you can find it (to download, a beta) but here are some news/information posted about Backcomb

Thomas reed
6:21:44 EST Jun. 28 2003 #

i have microsft longhorn not a BETA full edition

15:38:30 EST Sep. 9 2004 #

sorry to say but longhorn is still only in beta it isent ariving till somewhere betweek 2005 ad 2006 but if you where lieinf and you dont have the latst longohhn realese ill be happy to give it to you talk to me on aim my sn is juggalo5957

23:27:46 EST Mar. 15 2004 #

blackcomb goes to broke the linux

2:08:29 EST Apr. 5 2004 #

There is no full edition or beta of lognhorn! Only alphas.

16:35:20 EST Aug. 24 2004 #

Ya Dumbass...the l8st is 4074.....and beta.....No full version yet...Go look Again...:P

18:56:53 EST Oct. 22 2004 #

The latest is 4099. I have the internal build. I also have the internal build for Blackcomb. Also, please note that Longhorn is still ALPHA.

10:44:39 EST Dec. 29 2004 #

You dont have any internal build of blackcomb. that is sow bullshit

7:24:56 EST Nov. 9 2004 #

if anyone would like a copy of longhorn build 4074, come to my website, join, and I will be happy to give you a copy

it is

19:07:44 EST Nov. 25 2004 #

i have an amd 64 but unable to install gigabyte motherboard drvers on the XP 64 bit edition wat to do............

henry stephen
11:03:41 EST Apr. 11 2005 #

Well I think the LongHorn will have a long way to go for the perfection...But will surely must have the bugs fixed..It may create a new history in the .Net Applications and Platforms... Hope Bill does a good job..

6:43:30 EST Jul. 21 2005 #

Your website dosn't seem to show up! could you please show the full url e.g. If you can it wiuld realy be helpful Thanks!

1:38:35 EST Sep. 6 2005 #

I know a Microsoft engineer who has the full working Longhorn (he's had it for 3 years), and is also testing the next OS after that

8:54:47 EST Sep. 30 2008 #

has anyone seen the got damn philanthropisct

Maurice Love 1
8:57:07 EST Sep. 30 2008 #

on aboard, ladys and gents!

13:10:11 EST May. 24 2009 #

actually, it is now know as windows 7. not blackcomb

8:36:59 EST Mar. 30 2010 #

Windows Seven isn't Blackcomb; it's Vienna. Microsoft never at any time stated that Vienna was a new codename for Blackcomb (some people just sort of assumed this, based on the statement that Vienna was going to be the next release after Longhorn/Vista). Seven does not include ANY of the features that were announced for Blackcomb (apart from ones that were already in Longhorn/Vista), so barring any statement from Microsoft identifying Vienna/Seven as Blackcomb, I see no reason to equate them.

I suspect Microsoft is hoping everyone will FORGET about Blackcomb, because several of the things that were supposed to be in it have proved to be inherently bad ideas (notably OFS/WinFS).

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