Why Linux will never beat Windows on the desktop

A growing number of desktop-savvy Linux releases, including a polished looking Red Hat Linux 8.0 that's due this fall, have analysts wondering if maybe, just maybe, the open source solution has what it takes to steal Windows' thunder. But the analysts all seem to fall back on the lack of a Microsoft Office version for Linux as the main reason why Linux will fail. This is ridiculous: Consider Mac OS X, which has a wonderful Microsoft Office version, Office v. X, featuring 100 percent document compatibility with the Windows versions. If Mac OS X can't steal market share from Windows, how the heck is Linux going to do it? The problems with Linux on the desktop run far deeper than Office, and it's going to take a lot more refinement and improvement before anyone will even seriously consider such a thing. As I noted this week in Connected Home Express, the competition can't just be as good as Windows to succeed: It has to be two or three times as good. Otherwise, the cost and aggravation of switching is just too high.
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11:19:21 EST Nov. 1 2002 #

The main problem with Linux is that it is still not even close to being as user friendly as Windows. Installing software is an absolute bear. Changing configurations in text files; compiling; having the install just not work in a distro; these are just a few of the things that just cannot exist in an operating system that hopes to compete with Windows. I've tried about 10 different distros from peanut to Mandrake. Some of them installed without the slightest hickup. But installing packages was a headache in many circumstances. I usually got them to work with much fiddling around - but until a Linux distro comes out and creates a universal installer that works 99.9% of the time like Windows, Linux is only good as a server.

Tim from AZ
16:52:45 EST Feb. 11 2003 #

I agree. There is some headway being made on the part of Mandrake and RedHat to make RPMs easier to manage. There are other "non-standard" Linux distros which are trying new things (Lindows etc) where programs install the same as they would in windows, with program icons and the like. My other thought is that once widely available home use programs such as Quicken, quickbooks, Word Perfect etc are ported over (i believe its only a matter of time, but some other things need to fall in place first, like the install issues) then people will switch. Heck, Walmart even sells a computer for 200 bucks (w/o monitor) that has linux installed instead of MS Windoze. Its a brave new world, and I'm glad I'm young enough to watch it play out. I can't wait to see the results in 10 years. Think how different we are from 1992... egad.

20:51:17 EST Mar. 20 2003 #

And after all this time, in steps Lindows. Not only is it Linux, but it is actually easier than Windows. Who woulda thunk it. :)
I will personally enjoy watching the Microsoft empire slowly evaporate over the next 10 years.


12:59:09 EST Jun. 16 2003 #

Don't know about that, but I can tell you that some distros are making headway real fast. On my box I noticed a big difference between Mandrake 9.0 and Mandrake 9.1

Why do I think Linux may give Windows a serious challenged on the desktop?
Because contries like India and China are promoting Linux which is going to help everyone worldwide! Any government using Windows is NOT a secure government. Enter Linux!!!

15:16:17 EST Jun. 16 2003 #

Windows is not secure

You must be some kind of moron. Maybe you need to read more...

try these

0:23:24 EST Jun. 30 2004 #

linux people need to make their distros work please understand more is not always better.
make sure the thing connects to the net and has a desktop that is basic and functional you can down load the extras

remember Kiss {keep it simple stupid}

7:49:19 EST Jun. 30 2004 #

Linux security is far better than windows. Every other week, security holes are discovered on windows.

4:06:35 EST Jul. 2 2004 #

More correct, Microsoft continues to poke at its code in order to find problems and fix them.

There are far more problems found in Linux every day than in a typical week in Windows and most are never fixed or take ages.
The typical line "wait for supplier update" is all too common.

Of course the Linux kids don't draw attention to this, they're too busy creating the next generation worm to attack Windows on some hole that was closed months ago just to get the virus count up (thus in their own book giving more proof that Windows is no good).

15:54:34 EST Jul. 1 2004 #

Not to rain on anybody's parade, but the reason that there are so many hole in windows is because 90% of desktop computers are Micro$oft. Anyone who disputes this fact is obviously an uneducated noob. An unsecured Kernel is no more secured than an unsecured MS box. It just happens that Linux comes secured out of the box.

4:08:51 EST Jul. 2 2004 #

Linux out of the box is FAR FROM secure.
In fact, out of the box the average Linux distro is as leaky as a sieve in a rainstorm and your average HailStorm will shatter it :)

Theoretically Linux can possibly be made more secure than consumer versions of Windows, but in practice this just doesn't happen.

It's not surprising that while 90% of the machines on the net run Windows 90% of all compromised machines run Linux...

4:59:41 EST Jul. 2 2004 #

I totally agree with you on that point. It just bothered me that no one bothered to mention that both systems are just a vulnerable as the other when they are misconfigured. I am still surprised at the number of people I know who do not know how to turn on Xp's firewall.

5:01:45 EST Jul. 2 2004 #

If you want to compare out of the box Linux configs to out of the box windows configs, any of the major linux distro's are much better off than Windows.

21:16:50 EST Oct. 16 2004 #

lets just put an end to this whole deal of "blablabla"
If you already own a Windows OS and got used to it, just stick with it. Install XP Service Pack2 and that will get your security crap up to date. If you are interrested in linux, thats fine too go with it, just read alot of manuals and crap to deal with linux. I agree that some linux distro have a nice package handling, and they work from time to time, but lets just admit it. If linux was one company then all of its packages would install out of the box. But there are RPMs for different distros and some RPMs dont work on other distros, unless you go to google.com and try to ask and solve the problem your self. So, people that are just talking too much about how linux secure and aaaall that crap just be quite for a while. Windows is good for software, gaming, and recently some good security features with SP2. linux is good for free software, and security. SO, i will stick with windows since it has that gaming part, because i didn't buy a computer to watch how secure it is.

6:36:44 EST Oct. 18 2004 #

I see the differences between Windows Operating systems and Linux (unix based) operating systems. Yes you do have to compile and write some of the device drivers, which actually makes Linux have a higher level of stability than windows. Once the file is compiled, it is stored and only accessed by the device, making it much harder to corrupt. Unix is also open source ( code) making it more universal and flexible for international usage, as well for writing your own improvements. Windows is more user friendly, but I will state Linux is the more stable of operating systems.

7:29:13 EST Oct. 20 2004 #

who told linux will not affect by virus,or dont get crach, Linux are only made for gurus, windows are always open for everybody....But Why so much updates....Microsoft has to take care.

5:12:09 EST Feb. 16 2005 #

Well, I do have to admit that Linux is not ready for the desktop yet, just because most PC's are bundled with windows. I've installed both windows and Linux on two machines I've built, and can definitely say that Linux was an easier install process. I didn't even need any driver disks, everything worked out of the box.
Anyway, Linux isn't targeted towards the desktop, but the server and the supercomputer. IBM is building a supercomputer (The MareNostrum) that uses it.
Also, there are only 4 worms for Linux (get your facts straight, posters.) the cheese worm, the lion worm, the ramen worm and the slapper worm. None of these will run on a modern version. Anyone could write malware for Windows that would completely disable the system in five lines of code. The only way that could happen on Linux is if you are running as root, which no-one does, and is a stupid thing to do anyway.

Also, my Linux distribution makes installing software a one-click process, and patches are offered in one place for ALL software on the machine, even 3rd party applications.
Ultimately, Linux performance, ease and security depends on the use, and who set it up. Neither is better, and Microsoft will rule on the desktop for years to come, but Linux is catching on. The ideal situation would be if people could use whatever operating system they want without getting criticized by Microsoft or Open Source fanatics.

Oh, BTW, if you want an objective look, don't just read Microsoft studies...

Simon cow
14:10:44 EST Mar. 8 2005 #

I totaly disagree. i mean u must be some kind of idiot to do wut ever this is im talking about but it is stupid i got an here to download msn 8.0 and i could not find it so this is totaly retarded no im just kidding i just dont like this web site well g2g bye

8:59:58 EST Mar. 28 2005 #

windows users, please stop parroting everything you are fed by microshit, most of these studies that rate microshit over linux are funded by WHOM ? your making yourselves appear to be very ignorant, then again any IT professional that believes this rhetoic shouldn't be near anything IT.

Some Zombie
10:36:59 EST Sep. 17 2010 #

@MS People like you is why this exist tmrepository.com

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