PC vs. Mac revisited: Adobe says PCs are faster

The long-time debate between PC and Mac partisans over which platform performs better reached an interesting impasse this week when long-time Apple partner Adobe published a document on its Web site supporting claims that the PC is indeed faster. This development is interesting for two reasons. First, Apple has always used specially written Adobe applications to demonstrate the Mac's performance claims, so it's a bit problematic when the creator of those applications basically refutes the information. And second, Apple has actually responded to the charges.

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8:35:34 EST Oct. 10 2003 #

Well, I'm a 27 year old Massachusetts College of Art Graduate, and have been a Photoshop User for 4.5 Years. I Started on Macs at an internship in Boston doing Digital photo Retouching. I Also Dabbled a little with Adobe Illustrator. At HOME, At the Time, I had a PIII 450Mhz With 768 Megs of SDRAM Compaired to the G3 Workstation I was on in the Studio... It Was indeed "Just As Fast" With Photoshop. However... The PIII Was Horrific with Adobe Illustrator. My Guess Is The Larger "On-Chip Cache" On The G3 Made it the Better Performer with all of Illustrator's Math Calculations (I think "Altivec" Is All Hype... I Think It's all just Cache Size). But then the P4 Stepped-up-to-the-plate. I NOW Own a P4 1.8 Ghz With a Mear 256 "Full Speed" Cache, and 1 Gig DDR 2700 RAM (Yes, It's One Of The First models). But I'll Tell You... It KICKS With Both Photoshop AND Illustrator. My Guess Is The Architectiural Improvements Combined with the DDR Memory. And if I'm Working On A 1.8 Ghz P4 With a Mear 256 Cache... I Can't Even IMAGINE What a 3.2 Ghz P4 With Hyperthreading Does!! Afterall... Photoshop And Illustrator Would Indeed Utilize The Hyper Threading. And With The 3.2 Ghz Rating, With an 800 Mhz FSB... I'm SURE Apple's Left In The Dust. INTEL=MONEY. MONEY=BETTER FABRICATION PROCESS. BETTER. FABRICATION=HIGHER SPEEDS. HIGHER SPEEDS="INDUSTRY STANDARD". "INDUSTRY STANDARD"=INTEL. Period. Hey... Just Ask Adobe... Apple's "Has-Been" Little Lap Dog.

8:05:51 EST Feb. 3 2004 #

True designers know that the only thing that will touch their finger tips is a Mac. Sorry PC users, this designer won't get fooled again! You are not a designer without a Mac!


4:45:05 EST May. 30 2004 #

A "true designer" doesn't need a MAC or a PC and a "true designer" isn't the spawn of an art/design school where he/she went to spend tens of thousands of Mom & Dad's dollars to attempt to "become" an artist/designer. A real designer/artist/illustrator was born with the talent and the driving forces that make him or her know, with an absolute certainty, what they are and what they will eventually grow up to become.

"True designers" will effectively utilize a BIC ballpoint and a restaurant napkin, if that's the only medium available, to produce tangible, creative and effective design concepts.

The only thing that I have seen computers do, in the 34 years that I have worked as a professional artist/designer, is eliminate jobs, force people to do more work for less money and lower the standards of quality for commercial art/design/production . That is, the computer has forced a single person to become designer/ typesetter/production artist/photo retoucher/illustrator/color separator/pre-press technician/copywriter/filer, etc., etc., all to the detriment of the current state and quality of commercial art/advertising.

So... the MAC vs PC argument seems to be completely irrelevant. What we all need to reassess is, how do we return to a higher level of quality in our design thought and the actual production of art and design as an advertising medium.
For me and a number of my contemporaries, the computer is to art what Jerry Springer and Howard Stern are to entertainment. However, I can see where that would be difficult for anyone, not knowledgable and competent in the use of classic tools and methods, to appreciate.

Incidentally, I am a 55 year old male and I have worked with both PCs and MACs over the last 12 years of my career. I prefer a healthy PC over a MAC platform for reasons too numerous to list here, but that's merely my own personal preference, right?

13:50:49 EST Sep. 29 2004 #

As a naturally talented artist I agree with you. One can learn programs and call themselves designers but the true graphic designer is the one who was born with the gift. Mac or Pc, true artist will always come out on top.

3:13:43 EST Aug. 23 2006 #

I'm a PC guy, but The Mac TV commercials have nailed it. Microsoft had technical people design and write all the functions and then asked some PR minded designers to put a friendly face on it. Apple had some well organized artistic people design the user interface and then told the techies to make it work. Microsoft's idea of "intelligent user friendly" is to have a statistics expert write an ap that records what features you click on and then hide the ones you don't, which dumbs down the user. I suspect Apple is more intuitive at predicting what will help a user and building it into the software.
As far as speed and performance goes, Microsoft is like a big city high school and Mac is like a small town school. The big city AA school has more power on the field but has drugs and gang violence (viruses). The small town school doesn't have the sports performance but doesn't have the social issues either. Things that work work more smoothly with less effort.
Microsoft should have integtrated Publisher into Word years ago. They should have made it more intuitive to control the relationship between text and graphics in Word. They didn't. Now they have Vista, which they won't sell and Google has "Writely" that will steal away Office customers. They're in trouble.
-Anonomous Dave P.

18:31:34 EST Jun. 15 2004 #

That's just pure crap. There's nothing fundamentally more "creative" about a Mac than any other kind of computer. If you think that, you need to get your head examined. Creativity comes from the designer, not a machine. It's just a stupid computer.

9:42:50 EST Jul. 7 2004 #

PC,s have allways sold more...so MACs used the music and art side of things to market them selfs.....even making them look cooler for the artist eye, also the old
Windows was not very stable where 2000 and XP is Very good!
now PCs are getting more involved in compeeting with MACs on that side of things they are slowly takeing over....there are way to many HUGE firms involved in PCs ...they will allways win at the end of the day.

12:51:53 EST Sep. 21 2004 #

Are you kidding??? Who ever said Windows XP was stable?!?!? Sure its the biggest, widest, most improved windows operating system thats ever been produced but stable is one thing that Windows XP is not. Being a pc owner and having to reformat my HD and reinstall XP several times to fix major problems with the OS is a serious problem. Mac OSX however is built on Unix and sounds as stable as you can get. I have many a friend; artists, creativity workers and even people that use Macs for databases, spreadsheets and wordprocessing...each and every one of them say that the mac is 110% better than any pc they've ever used.

23:54:43 EST Jan. 30 2005 #

If Windows NT anything ... NT / 2000/ XP is crashing on you, I suggest you stop using cheap @ss parts. 99.9 percent of BSOD are from sh$tty drivers or faulty hardware. This coming from people who haven't even had a memory protected operating system, until apple ripped off some BSD Unix, and slapped a pretty gui on it. HAHAHA

Too little too late Apple. Maybe Jobs should have made it more "lickable" in his words.

7:47:03 EST Apr. 26 2006 #

the reason its the most inproved operating sytem is cause its get more like a mac every time a new one comes out, mac realses a new os, coupple months later windows relases a new one that looks identile but takes 10x the ampount of power to run

Myles Twine
5:50:49 EST May. 24 2006 #

XP is VERY stable, if you know what the hell youre doing. I've had a few big problems with spyware and malware sure, but if your smart enough to find certain kick-ass programs to remove such things you wouldn't have to reformat. Try Ewido, Spy-bot, SmitFraudfix, Adaware (THEY'RE FREE), and if that isn't enough RUN THEM IN SAFE MODE. And by the way AMD is way better then Intel. Their new processors absolutely supurb.

Paul the Elder
17:50:38 EST Dec. 14 2004 #

First, please learn the fine art of spelling and then someone might take your opinion seriously, or is it seerolesee?

10:42:40 EST May. 21 2006 #

Paul- you should have used your spell check. Grammar school might be helpful too.

5:32:10 EST Jul. 12 2004 #

MACS if you have a good pc than your fine
i have the GREATEST VIDEO CARD EVER! to go along with my 1337ness.
1 h4v3 th3 13373st pr0gr4m 1n th3 PC w0rld f0r gr4ph1cs 1 d3s1gn my h0us3 w1th 1t!! xP

12:21:48 EST Aug. 11 2004 #

A true designer is not destined to use a mac. This hole mac vs pc debate will not end as we all know. There will always be mac users and there will always be pc users. What it really comes down to as for designing goes it does not matter whether you use a pc or a mac. If you ask me the only more creative thing I can think of that a mac has over a pc is its outer cover and thats does not mean anything. Plus if you know where to look you can find pc cases that out class all mac cases.

4:35:14 EST Aug. 26 2004 #

OK.mac is beter in 4 ways
1.Mac is beter loking
2.Mac is more stabel
3.There is small count of viruses for mac
4.And the desiner?s ask the world of help

But pc is beter in 4 ways
1.its cost?s less
2.there are more programs for pc
3.more and more Games are for pc
4.there are more os for pc (F*ck windows)

11:02:14 EST Aug. 26 2004 #

You may have creative thoughts but you sure can't spell worth a damn

14:59:20 EST Aug. 26 2004 #

I hope you didn't go to school in the USA.

12:54:08 EST Sep. 21 2004 #

As if they didn't....lol go the US education system!!!

14:21:27 EST May. 24 2006 #

OH piss off you could only think of 3 ways macs are better and you just had to add 'it looks better'! Dont waste our time with your dribble.

2:21:40 EST Oct. 28 2004 #

You utter cretin. Typical mac luddite, open your eyes and see that macs are for little girls who have no idea about computers in general. PC's are for the hardcore... customisable, cheaper, upgradeable, disposable, read the facts and weep PC's tear the guts out of Mac in every test, even when running software that has been developed alonside mac for years.. Fool

i bet you're rather efeminate arnt you.. Ahhh

2:29:20 EST Jan. 26 2005 #

that statement is why i call people like you a pro-ser

10:00:50 EST Feb. 4 2004 #

You are all like children sayin her think is better because is better. I don't know why I have read all this stupid bla bla bla but Im afraid how much persons (you) have poor value.
You seems alls frustraded. I understand: tomorrow you will learn there is a compiuter faster than your!
If you are happy with your machine just dont change and enjoi it, but be tollerant: others are free to have diffrent mind!
PC, Mac or other they just participate (competing) making informatic better and more friendly (I hope but you are not a good example!). Thanks to all of them.
I'm very happy with my machine and I enjoi it! If I will change my mind I will change machine: simply! I dont say others are schit!
I'm Mac or PC? You will newer know because Im happy to use it! Look outside the window!

9:54:17 EST Mar. 4 2004 #

lol very stupid. let me tell u something mate G5 is the mst powerful computer in the world with MAX 16 GB RAM 4GHZ WITH MULTISYSTEM RUNNING TOGETHER and u say pentium 4 3.2 is better are u joking me ?

12:12:50 EST Mar. 12 2004 #

First of all, you're completely wrong. A dual 2ghz processor is not the same as one 4ghz, not by a long shot. Second, it only supports 8gb of RAM. Third, Apple fudged benchmarks to make the G5 appear to be faster. This, of course, was all proven in nearly 6 hours after it's unveiling. The G5 never was faster than any top Intel or AMD based machine, regardless of what Apple tells you to believe.

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