Report: Windows Server to own 60% market share by 2008

WinNetMag | at | by Mike

IDC this week issued a report predicting that Windows Server will snare 60 percent of the server market by 2008, compared to just 29 percent for Linux. "There continues to be very strong growth in the x86 industry standard server market, particularly for Windows- and Linux-based solutions," said IDC analyst Mark Melenovsky. "Growth has been strong for everything from stand-alone systems in small offices to several-hundred-node clusters in enterprise data centers." IDC also predicts that Windows Server will generate $22.7 billion in sales by 2008, compared to $9.7 billion for Linux. But the big money winners, despite only owning about 10 percent of the market, will be honking enterprise servers based on proprietary Linux. Even though that market is dying, such servers will account for over 50 percent of all server revenues by 2008. But don't worry, once the switchover to the year 3000 happens, those servers will also stop working. Or something.