Microsoft demands company take 'Excel' out of its name

Microsoft Corp. is demanding that a small company change the name of a computer program because it contains the word "Excel"-the title of the software giant's own popular spreadsheet program.

Richard Tanenbaum, founder of Savvysoft Inc., said the company researched the name before selecting TurboExcel for its add-on program for Microsoft Excel. He said the search turned up no evidence that Microsoft had registered "Excel" as a trademark.

The Excel spreadsheet software has been on the market since September 1985, and trademark rights in some countries, including the United States, can be claimed even without an official registration.

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16:48:03 EST Nov. 11 2004 #

Well you have to wonder why they didn't extend their research into the name by asking Microsoft if it was OK to use their product name? The product is made as an add-on to Excel, so it's not like they didn't think it was related.

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