Hotmail goes international

Although Microsoft has offered its MSN Hotmail email service in various countries for years, this week the company announced that many international customers will now be able to get country-specific Hotmail email addresses. New Hotmail users in Germany, France, Italy, Japan, and the UK can now get country-specific addresses. "If you live in the UK, instead of getting an email address, you'll be able to get one," Microsoft Vice President Brian Arbogast said. Previously, users could get only email addresses, the company says. Hotmail currently has more than 287 million active email accounts, making it difficult for new customers to find a meaningful email address.
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7:51:57 EST Jun. 15 2006 #

I just sent out an email to my cousin, whom I haven't seen in 35 years and the email bounced back undeliverable! I'm planning a visit in 2 weeks and need to know why this might have happened. I sent it to his name I know his name is right! any ideas?

18:48:57 EST Jul. 23 2007 #

I need to send an email to a address to someone in Greece from the USA. Will I need to change their email address by adding GR to it?
I never sent an email to another country before.
Thanks for any help.

15:25:49 EST Jan. 9 2009 #

i wish there was

0:56:34 EST May. 29 2008 #

can you instant message from hotmail via email to iraq?

15:07:38 EST Oct. 4 2008 #

Can you initiate a video call from USA to Italy?

8:15:56 EST Oct. 26 2008 #

I am trying to contact a friend in france but the email keeeps coming back as not registaired is the french form of our hot mail

1:21:07 EST Nov. 14 2008 #

help i need to get on to hotmail now iam living in spain i had your service in England and i would love to get you back how do i do it

3:59:57 EST Mar. 21 2009 #

i fint one man this summer job in mykonow hiw name mark and iw blak man very good man i love this man

sory aboubacar
9:59:40 EST Jul. 14 2009 #

chertche des patenaire pour amietie appelle mon 00233 26 14 11 607

2:35:49 EST Dec. 13 2009 #

I have tried to open a hotmail account from Nigeria, but it keeps rejecting me on grounds that I cannot name a US State of residence. What is the solution to this.

junita mcpherson
11:45:28 EST Feb. 21 2010 #

trying to reach gail simone

12:20:17 EST Apr. 7 2010 #


8:34:55 EST Apr. 10 2011 #

i m in china, and i woulg like to loging english and also facebook thank you for understanding

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