Microsoft to ship all OS bits with every version of Vista

Microsoft plans to market several versions of Vista but will distribute all of the OS bits with every product shipped so users can easily unlock and step up to more full-featured versions using electronic keys, sources said.

"No matter which edition you buy you get all the bits and a key to unlock it. Everyone will have all the bits," said one source familiar with Microsoft's plans. "Right now we maintain master images for each version of Windows XP and it's a lot of work. Now there's just one master image."

Having a master Windows Vista operating system means customers that buy PCs preloaded with one Vista SKU, Home Basic, for example, will be able to punch their credit card into a Microsoft Web site to unlock Vista Home Premium and more speedily deploy media center features without an on-site visit or requiring a wipe and reload of the system.

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17:10:48 EST Jan. 7 2006 #

Don't you think it will be easier for crackers to obtain a full-level license that way?

Just a thought.

17:12:37 EST Jan. 7 2006 #

Lol, Yeah. I can't wait to crack the entire CD ;)

1:55:19 EST May. 26 2007 #

I think this is a terrible way to get people to pay for software that is buggy and unreliable in the first place. You are paying for crippleware. Utter lameness.

"But dude, Microsoft says that Vista will be reliable!"

Yeah, Microsoft said that Windows 95 would be reliable, not to mention secure as well. Guess what happened? Nothing.

When its all said and done - its safe to say that Microsoft generally has a hard time implementing things.

9:20:55 EST Jan. 8 2006 #

You are a moron. Windows 95?

9:53:54 EST Jan. 9 2006 #

Not just 95, but 98, ME, 2000, every version of IIS, etc. Does anyone remember the recent metafile incident? That's been overlooked over and over by their 'security' experts, yet the code has been there from the beginning. Quite frankly, I don't care anymore. Just as long as it doesn't slow down my machine or -like XP- take over a gig just for a basic install. It's going to be cracked... deal with it. At least cut back on some bloat.

17:36:01 EST Jan. 7 2006 #

The windows XP anti-piracy system didnt work, why should we think this one will be any different?
If they were wise, they would have a system in place which downloads the necessary componants once someone has bought them instead of bundling them all on the same disk and activating them as required. ( not to mention digitally signing them on-the-fly, tied to the individual copy of the OS to make it harder to simply transfer the files to another computer )
after all, if they have an internet connection to activate the thing, they have one to download the upgrades.
If these upgrades would be of a substantial size theres nothing stopping them implementing a download-manager which will download the upgrades in the background and continue from where they left off, should the customers internet connection drop.
Alternatively they could simply ship out CDs with the upgrades as people order, if they select it in the order form.

18:08:57 EST Jan. 7 2006 # should stop employing anti-competitive measures.

18:30:13 EST Jan. 7 2006 #

You can use a crack, but updates wont work. Even security ones.

18:39:53 EST Jan. 7 2006 #

I realise this is a Microsoft-centric site, but your page doesn't look quite right in Firefox.

Main reason to upgrade to Vista over XP x64 is greater likelihood of driver support with Vista's 64-bit version.

18:48:44 EST Jan. 7 2006 #

fools, xp was cracked anyways...
all theyre doing here is make it easier for normal people to upgrade, as in, make more money themselves...

the os will be cracked no matter what...but microsoft gets more money this way...

now who's the bigger fool ?


22:42:39 EST Jan. 7 2006 #

Just copying the Linux vendors again! Red Hat and friends have been shipping a single DVD that not only includes desktop and server versions, but also database server, web server, office suite, .....

Wonder when Microsoft will dare to include *all* their main software products in one disk?

18:33:38 EST Feb. 20 2006 #

Microsoft actually did have a Windows 2000 CD at one time which contained all the Win2k products: Workstation, Server, and Advanced Server. This was done via hard links on the CD's filesystem.

23:58:11 EST Jan. 7 2006 #

XP activation was not cracked - Microsoft just didn't put activation into the Corporate edition of XP so this was the version of XP that was copied and spread around the web with a few valid license keys

0:14:59 EST Jan. 8 2006 #

err... XP activation was cracked, several different ways. In fact there were XP cracks around before the product was even released

With one Vista dvd maybe different codes install a different Vista Image to your PC?

0:06:27 EST Jan. 8 2006 #

You should try reading the article again, where does it say this is an anti piracy method.

This method will allow normal users (who paid for the software) to change their windows package without having to reinstall windows. So like the example said above you have have purchased a pc with Vista home edition, you can quickly and easily upgrade to the media centre edition without having to reinstall.

This will also help microsoft maintain one version of the CD, thus stopping a lot of bugs and overheads trying to manage, mutiple CD's, such as Windows XP home, home OEM, pro, pro oem, MCE 2005, MCE2005 OEM, XP Pro x64, etc..

This is different to linux distro's in that with the red hat cd you either get the work station or server, this cd doesn't contain the Win2k3 server software, just vista.

Reliability is no longer an issue with any of the three major OS's, Windows, Mac OSX and Linux. I use all three and all three run without a problem. I stress windows and it won't crash, the same goes for Mac OSX and Linux. They are all very reliable systems. The differences between them now are feature and usability. If your computer BSOD's, it's because of poor drivers or bad hardware, which would cause both Mac OSX and Linux to kernel panic anyway.

1:09:01 EST Jan. 8 2006 #

"I think this is a terrible way to get people to pay for software that is buggy and unreliable in the first place. You are paying for crippleware. Utter lameness."

The Release version hasn't even been released yet and people are already bashing it. Obviously you have a good, objective view of the product =)

Since Windows 95 they've come a long way, it's not even comparable to Windows XP. It's not a perfect OS, but neither is OSX, or Linux--don't give me any BS about either of those being more stable or more secure--it will simply prove that you are ignorant (as your comment already has).

1:09:40 EST Jan. 8 2006 #

Oops, meant to reply to "posted by Anonymous, on 1:25:16 EST Today" above =)

1:54:08 EST Jan. 8 2006 #

I don't think anti-piracy is the main reason they are doing this, i think the main reason is money.
Now Micro$oft will be able to collect money for "upgrades" directly. When you put your credit card details in Micro$oft's new Upgrade Centre application you will be paying them directly. Now retailers won't get any money for selling Windows, it will just be the OEMs.

I hope this backfires on them.

10:35:16 EST Feb. 24 2006 #

why do you hope it backfires? they are running a business - the idea of a busienss is to profit isn't it? I don't think anyone expects Microsoft to dish out software for free - so they are just keeping control of their own product.

4:45:01 EST Jan. 8 2006 #

There's not much of a difference between this and XP Home/Pro. A handful of reg keys unlock XP Home and turn it into 99% of Pro.

4:51:59 EST Jan. 8 2006 #

Hah, this puts more money in MS pocket instead of Dell/HPQ. Money goes straight to MS instead of the OEMs making a slight margin on upsells.

6:51:23 EST Jan. 8 2006 #

Folks, hating Microsoft and boasting about pirating software stopped being cool a long time ago.

9:32:25 EST Jan. 8 2006 #

Here here. I believe they are called 'Linux Nerds'

2:42:41 EST Jan. 9 2006 #

shit, i was hatin microsoft and pirating software before you even got your first pc.

6:11:33 EST Jan. 9 2006 #

Shit, you hated Microsoft back in 84?

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