Microsoft tests Windows Live parental controls

Microsoft is testing a new Web-based service that will allow parents to control their children's online activity and block access to sites that are not appropriate for kids.

Several Microsoft-watcher blogs, such as and have reported that a service called Windows Live Family Safety Settings is currently in beta. The service allows parents to monitor, control and filter online activity by creating specific accounts for their children, according to an e-mail invitation to the beta of the service posted on

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18:28:46 EST Mar. 11 2006 #

parental controls suck, stop making them.

Camereon Crane
4:08:55 EST Mar. 16 2006 #

I have parental controls and it is so embarassing to have a friend over. I have to go to weird things. Do they think we are going to look at nasty stuff on purpose? We arent perverts!!!

9:28:16 EST May. 3 2006 #

parental controls are bullshit

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