Microsoft finally kills Passport. Long Live Passport

WinInfo | at | by Mike

Microsoft this week revealed that it will finally kill off its once-reviled Passport system, which is uses for universal Web logon. Well, they're not really killing it per se, they're just renaming it. In line with its other Windows Live services, Passport will be renamed to Windows Live ID, and will be used to authenticate users on Windows Live, Office Live, Xbox Live, MSN, and other Microsoft services. Passport was first launched way back in 1999 and was originally designed to sit at the middle of a massive suite of services, including the ill-fated "Hailstorm," an attempt by the software giant to bring universal Web logon and other Web services to businesses. But fear not, Microsoft fans, the company hasn't given up: It's developing a technology called InfoCard that, yes, will attempt to provide business users with universal Web logon. They'll get you eventually.