Become an Xbox Live Beta Tester

Set to debut in Fall of this year, Xbox Live will enter beta testing this summer and a select few will be chosen for the trial. Xbox Live is Microsoft's upcoming online subscription service for the Xbox gaming console, which is slated to feature services that potentially go beyond online gaming. Testers will be given early access to Xbox Live services and pre-release Xbox games. Microsoft has opened sign-ups for those interested in being involved in the beta test program. Making heavy use of broadband, Xbox Live will utilize a headset, dubbed the Xbox Live Communicator, not a keyboard or mouse. Match-making will be a prominent feature, allowing gamers to make friends and find other players with similar interests. The ability to instantly switch between games is also rumored to be a key inclusion.

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11:40:24 EST May. 12 2003 #

Please give me this I love Xbox and would love to become a tester of new games. This would be the next great step for me in my Xbox future.

3:04:31 EST Jun. 14 2004 #

i am a qa tester!!!! but i would like to be a qa tester for x box

10:47:38 EST Dec. 19 2005 #

you will be happy to higher him

7:51:37 EST Jun. 9 2006 #

Stop begging and telling storys about how long you wanted this because I don't care. And you don't beat the game you test and comment it so idc how fast you can beat it.

7:53:26 EST Jun. 9 2006 #

"please give me this" oh stop crying

2:29:02 EST Jul. 6 2006 #

all i ever wanted to do was be a games tester and to be part of xbox would be amazing all i do is play computer games i got the xbox 360 and i completed all the games i got but 1 if you fink im worthy reply plz

13:27:31 EST Aug. 8 2006 #

so all i have to do is play on the cumputer to get a xbox 360

13:43:47 EST May. 16 2003 #


Why can't a girl from Asia become a X Box tester like you guys?


21:35:55 EST May. 16 2003 #

thats because xp requirements are several times higher then 98 and while it dose not crash as much but its far from what linux is, win2000 has 95% of the features that xp dose and runs on half the requirements. xp will never see my hdd

12:50:32 EST Jun. 12 2005 #

why r u talking about pc???

9:27:29 EST Dec. 5 2005 #

i do not no why a women cant be a tester

19:15:40 EST Oct. 10 2003 #

How do you become a game tester ? I would be interested in this.....

4:14:45 EST Dec. 5 2005 #

My boyfriend only work on summer time and never want to go out, always playing xbox. In winter he doesn't work but always playing xbox and still never want to go out. I'm trying to find him a game tester job, but I don't know how to do it....Please help me find him a good job

5:40:22 EST May. 11 2004 #

it seems only right that i become a xbox beta tester because 60 percent of my life is in my xbox....i play constant,non stop when im not jammin on my whoever makes those decisions on choosing beta testers give me a chance and I guarantee i wont let ya down.

3:50:49 EST Feb. 12 2005 #

wat games do u play. wat music u play on guitar

5:13:42 EST Jun. 19 2005 #

i have won several game tournments and the fun is gone because it is always the old games we play i want this as bad as i wish to be bill gates

17:12:50 EST Jun. 14 2006 #

there is room for one person to join beta game testing would you like to join

8:35:56 EST Jun. 2 2004 #

I should be a tester for xbox because, I recently was a playstation fanatic,but when my girlfriend got me an xbox for christmas, I traded in my ps2 and everything with it. And I have been playing games for 15 years. And I know what makes for a good game period!

6:42:10 EST Jun. 8 2004 #

I have always been told that I am a game freak. All the games that I have played I conquered within three to five days but there was only one game that took me two months and that was splinter cell. Since that game I have not yet come across another challenge like it. I would love to be a tester to be able to put my infuence of greater challenges in the games for xbox.

15:31:29 EST Jun. 8 2004 #

The beta test has been over for almost 2 years. Quit keeping this article open.

9:23:13 EST Jun. 15 2004 #

microsoft should hire me to test all of the new FIFA soccer games. if they did this i would definately be able to tell them what glitches their are. i am addicted to those games and it would be a wise move for microsoft to hire me to test it out before releasing it.

4:01:34 EST Sep. 2 2004 #

i would love to test rpg games for xbox because thats my fav. type of game and i would love to test them for xbox i just wish that i could so could you please make my wish come true?

19:02:55 EST Sep. 23 2004 #

I would love to test those new X Box Games.
And check out the sneak peeks

6:52:43 EST Oct. 1 2004 #

I am a software disigner and have had an x- box since it came out. I started gaming because I have always loved microsoft. I hope you take my request because it has been my life long dream to work and test games for microsoft.

15:31:26 EST Oct. 7 2004 #

I would love to be a beta tester for Xbox! I am going to college for Game Design, and it would help me get my foot in the door with Microsoft, cause one day i want to design games for Microsoft! Please choose me for a tester and i will not let you down!! My e-mail is
thanks for reading this!!

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