Hotmail goes mobile in Asia

Users in Asia will soon be able to access MSN Hotmail and Messenger services via mobile phones and personal digital assistants. With the debut, Hotmail and Messenger users in Asia will have an alternative to the PC for sending and receiving messages. The new option uses SMS (Short Messaging Service) technology. Both services will initially launch in three Asian markets, thanks to Microsoft's partnerships with Singapore Telecommunications (SingTel), CSL in Hong Kong and ChungHwa Telecom in Taiwan. Hotmail services will begin next month, while the instant messaging offering will start in October, said Raj Sambwani, MSN Asia's business development director.
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22:27:44 EST Jun. 22 2004 #

pain yeko kerday nai pakistan noon add mobile setting di list chee?

MR barry
18:54:23 EST Jul. 1 2004 #

hello sir,
with due respect i want to request that u should include ur pakistan in ur liest i will be very thankful to u
thank u

11:20:24 EST Jul. 14 2004 #

hi.. salaam

i am very happy in this decesen

11:38:38 EST Jul. 15 2004 #

I want to say same thing that You people Kindly Enter Pakistan In MSN Mobile Services like You guys giving in other asian countries .
hoping for pleasant decision Soon regarding this.

11:39:56 EST Jul. 15 2004 #

i request u that u guys should enter pakistan in this msn mobile services.

9:06:23 EST Jul. 30 2004 #

Dear sir,

My request to you plz as soon as possible start ur mobile service with MSn messenger for pakistan.
Mostly countries avail ur msn mobile services

8:13:28 EST Aug. 11 2004 #

please msn service shuold also in pakistan we will very thank ful to u for this kind act

Fawad Khokhar
1:25:15 EST Oct. 12 2004 #

its Fawad . My request to you that please add pakistan in hotmail & msn mobile service. hope you will consider . Bye. Karachi

19:17:37 EST Aug. 18 2004 #

You shoud Also add Pakistan to your mobile list.

19:25:05 EST Aug. 18 2004 #

This Is Good Thinking But They are not able to Do This.

A Pakistani
19:22:01 EST Aug. 18 2004 #

I Think you should add Pakistan in your mobile list.Because Its one of the Most MOBILE and E-MAIL SERVICES Using Country in the World.

9:48:13 EST Aug. 19 2004 #

ooo....u cant do this smalll work...u cant add PAKISTAN..//????oo my GOD>>if u not then u r fail..plzzz add PAKISTAN

23:20:35 EST Aug. 20 2004 #


8:18:53 EST Aug. 24 2004 #

MSN must have to add pakistan on mobile msn service otherwise all pakistanis will Boycott MSN.

2:31:14 EST Sep. 2 2004 #

hi plz plz plz plz pzl pzl zplzpzlzp zlzplzp zlzplz lz zpzlz zlpzl zplz plz zplz pzl zplz zlpzpzlz zplzz zplzpz ....... include PAKISTAN!!!!!!!!!!
hope you will look forward to this humble request!

4:51:29 EST Sep. 11 2004 #

hi!!Its a request that u should pakisatn 2 in msn service with that we 2 can get messeges in mobile well hope u do some care abt my message bye

3:41:58 EST Sep. 14 2004 #

pls included pakistan to your mobile list.

ali zain
6:53:11 EST Sep. 17 2004 #

h r u listen plz add pakistan too msn mobile we need it soo plz ad pakistan ufone too msn mobile we wll be thank ful 2 msn ok bbye

0:04:52 EST Oct. 4 2004 #

Yea I agree with all others, MSN should add Pakistan in their Mobile list.

10:38:12 EST Oct. 5 2004 #

As I can see there are so many users who want Pakistan to be in your list, hope you will seriously consider this.

3:34:23 EST Jun. 4 2005 #

dear msn staf !! plzz add pakistan in hotmail mobile list if it is added then how can i sign up for mobile setting in pakistan and companies like mobilink pakistan and ufone plzz.. it is such a good service of urs hope pakistan will b added soon... thans

21:19:31 EST Nov. 25 2005 #

Please tell me how to recevie my offline messages on my cell phone

18:51:11 EST Dec. 25 2005 #

plz add mob service in pakistan at hot as soon as possible ur company has large circumstances but y u not provide this servivce at pk

Malik Sheraz
21:08:04 EST Jan. 9 2006 #

Hii This is sheraz i requesting to U plz start mobile hotmail & msn messanger service in Pakistan.

3:57:27 EST Jan. 21 2006 #

Hi this is elias i am kindly requesting to u that please start mobile msn for meseging service on pakistan that if we are not online so we can send or recive instant messages on our mobiles we will be thankfull of you

20:20:54 EST Mar. 22 2006 #

go on give Pakistan a try we wont kill you

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