Hotmail goes mobile in Asia

Users in Asia will soon be able to access MSN Hotmail and Messenger services via mobile phones and personal digital assistants. With the debut, Hotmail and Messenger users in Asia will have an alternative to the PC for sending and receiving messages. The new option uses SMS (Short Messaging Service) technology. Both services will initially launch in three Asian markets, thanks to Microsoft's partnerships with Singapore Telecommunications (SingTel), CSL in Hong Kong and ChungHwa Telecom in Taiwan. Hotmail services will begin next month, while the instant messaging offering will start in October, said Raj Sambwani, MSN Asia's business development director.
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Rajkumar Thapa
19:38:56 EST Nov. 7 2007 #

The mobile user of nepal is growing rapidely, the percent of mobile user in nepal is very high, so plz think about nepal, so we want to so see the msn mobile lunched in nepal very soon.

Aishwarya Adhikari
19:42:18 EST Nov. 7 2007 #

when the Gorkhali i mean nepalease can use msn in mobile, this voice is from Nepal, jay nepal.

22:38:40 EST Nov. 21 2007 #

pls add pakistan in msn mobiles

18:58:02 EST Dec. 4 2007 #

plz also include pakistan in ur msnger list

18:59:23 EST Dec. 4 2007 #

as hotmail is now available in diff countries so plz must include pakistan in msn list plzzzz

8:23:15 EST Jan. 1 2008 #

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21:54:32 EST May. 14 2008 #

salam to all

4:01:33 EST Jul. 18 2008 #

Pakistan should be included in MSN Mobile Service, all the alerts of messenger and emails should be forwarded to the mobile when the option is activated.

Faraz Malik
3:29:36 EST Mar. 30 2009 #

Pakistan is the 3rd Largest country in the world with largest mobile penetration!! and we still dont have services like msn mobile, nokia maps, paypal etc.

20:08:10 EST May. 24 2009 #

I had found Friendplay IM launching a new Instant Messenger that comes with MSN, AIM, Gtalk and YM connectivity, best part is you can use it in your mobile phone.

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20:04:12 EST Nov. 9 2009 #

why pakistan is not added in list its discrimination why india is there why not equal oppertunity for pakistani's to avail mobile sms alerts

2:47:51 EST Dec. 24 2009 #

pain day tako pakistan nu vv msn mobile de setting ech add karo

Zeeshan Ahmed
8:43:58 EST Nov. 20 2010 #

I need my hotmail emails on my mobile in Pakistan

muhammad ali
0:36:17 EST Mar. 16 2011 #

please please add pakistan in your list

13:24:56 EST Mar. 22 2011 #

please includ live messanger in pakistan

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