Plus! for XP gets a free update!

Thanks to NeoWin for this link

Are you really ready for this? To thank you for purchasing Microsoft Plus! for Windows XP, we're providing more levels, balls, and themes-FREE! These are automatically added to The Labyrinth Plus! Edition when you download The Labyrinth Bonus Pack. Download The Labyrinth Bonus Pack now and have a ball!

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2:37:51 EST May. 8 2008 #

wow! thanks so much for the labrinth add on pack ^__^! -- And you didn't even post your name on it how very Altruistic 0.0

12:00:22 EST May. 26 2008 #

thank you is that all :)

0:57:40 EST Aug. 18 2008 #

is cool i use the chess game on this program

4:50:51 EST Sep. 6 2008 #

thanks for dancers download seems even ms stopped providing more dancers for dme plus edition.

13:07:51 EST Oct. 31 2008 #

can anyone help me, i tryed to find way to play Labyrinth game, but i can find it on the net? please send me download link of the game PLEASE! psy_kg @

10:32:10 EST Feb. 8 2009 #

i cannot find the link to download labyrinth plus. I have vista. can anyone help me out please?

alex strange
16:00:17 EST May. 15 2009 #

were can i find labyrinth plus on the computer

13:41:15 EST Sep. 18 2010 #

the link does not work plz plz i want that liink badly

4:28:31 EST Jan. 30 2011 #

Hey! that link doesnt work anymore... got another? email me at

dudeperson64 @ gmail .com

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