IE7 beta features (rumors)

I found this on Bink's It seems as IE7 will be last IE version from MS ;(

Here are some rumors on features that may be included in IE 7

  1. There will be a spell checker for forms and for people who have office 11 there will be a thesauruse both will work the same way is the right click menu that already exists in MS word(red underline etc)
  2. Popups. There will be no popup stopper but there will be limits on what popups can do (no full screen and multiple popups etc)
  3. Tabs there is likely to be some sort of tab UI but it is likely to be different to the in Mozilla and Opera.

There will be no version for Windows NT4

IE 7 will be IE .NET and it will be the last IE !! Microsoft accepted that integrating IE into the shell was a bad idea from a security perspective (not marketing wise ;)) so they are diversifying IE from the shell and making a new browser. MSN explorer is planned to take over when the IE line ends.....

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11:43:13 EST Apr. 7 2003 #

Microsoft is making us switch from a well known product, with lots of flaws (IE, to a newer, probably flawed version, and then to a less used microsoft product with a more stupid brand name, which shouldn't even be possible

10:42:55 EST Jun. 27 2003 #

I am curious to know what they will be doing with OE?
OE would be good if it was a secure email client. IE is a pretty good browser, but I think I'm sticking with Mozilla for now.

0:29:47 EST Jul. 25 2003 #

well.. i hope avantbrowser works with this msn explorer thing

9:19:31 EST Mar. 12 2004 #

This is Cool. Does it Work. :Let's See

14:13:23 EST Jun. 14 2004 #

To quote 'Anonymous' (heh):

"IE is a pretty good browser, but I think I'm sticking with Mozilla for now."

IE is not a pretty good browser. It's appalling. If you really use Moz you'll realise this within hours of ditching IE.

8:42:16 EST Jun. 28 2004 #

"Microsoft is making us switch..."

Microsoft isn't "making" you do anything. Why do people always say that?

"...from a well known product, with lots of flaws (IE, to a newer, probably flawed version,..."

What Microsoft product isn't flawed?

"...and then to a less used microsoft product with a more stupid brand name, which shouldn't even be possible...."

Now what, please tell me, does the brand name have to do with it? There are countless products out there with stupid brand names and the name has nothing to do with functionality.

Boy, if Microsoft were gone, what would we have to complain about? I guess nothing... we'd live in a Utopian virtual world where every piece of software worked perfectly, without viruses or security problems, vulnerabilities, etc.. What a wonderful place that would be...........

14:18:41 EST Sep. 8 2004 #

ok some guy mentioned youll ditch i.e. within hours of using mozilla..... i used mozilla for a few days sure its a lot better than i.e. but for me i.e. is just too familiar to switch

15:13:57 EST Jul. 20 2004 #

What's Up with Gates?
Billions of Dollars and he can't build a browser with out it being hacked, cracked and broken?

I hope the Micro-soft Team put a bit more effort into IE7 and the major security holes, they provide to us.

My IE6 discovered paralises after six months.

5:53:34 EST Jul. 1 2005 #

You have to be one of the biggest idiots I have EVER seen online... what does Bill Gates having money have ANYTHING to do with Microsoft as a company building a browser?

Every browser has problems, that's just the way it works. The common moronic response is "firefox" but even the firefox developers have slipped and stated that it's not more secure, however simply less exploited...

please pull your head out of your crack before posting

23:22:35 EST Sep. 21 2004 #

RE: the gentleman who is too familiar with ie to completely switch to mozilla, try firefox. . . very similar setup but less weight on your system. and more functionality

5:54:53 EST Jul. 1 2005 #

light on the system? yeah, expect for gigantic memory leak in firefox... look at the bug reports...

23:38:37 EST Sep. 22 2004 #

What is this browser u call IE??

h t t p://w w


6:45:49 EST Dec. 28 2004 #


19:28:18 EST Jan. 2 2005 #

Ha!!! i like it! people are still looking at a post that is 2 years out of date, and thats ages when your talking about software. and anyway, ie died about 2 years ago, and i dont think that ms will even release ie7, unless its in Longhorn, but thats still 1-2 years away...

12:39:06 EST Jun. 10 2005 #

I think you need to do your homework, IE although flawed still leads the pack. Ok the main reason for that is that it is a main part of the Windows OS nowadays. (which is what makes the system so hackable). The best thing to do would make IE stand alone again and give it the nice little features that everyone is moaning about.
That way Microsoft won't be getting sued by their competitors again and again for building it's software into it's operating systems.
Once the people have the choice to take all the pointless stuff out of windows (security holes) they might be able to bring the price back down to something within the normal households budget.

Dave Wilding
7:55:15 EST Feb. 15 2005 #

Reversal: Next IE update divorced from Windows

AN FRANCISCO--Reversing its longstanding policy, Microsoft said on Tuesday that it will ship an update to its browser separately from the next version of Windows.

Chief Software Architect Bill Gates announced plans to launch a test version of Internet Explorer 7 this summer. The company had said that it would not ship a new IE version before the next major update to Windows, code named Longhorn, debuts next year. Gates made the announcement at the RSA Conference 2005 here.

13:28:57 EST Feb. 15 2005 #

MS has time and time again provided us with seriously flawed software. Why should we expect anything different? New features? Why doesn't MS develop a solid product, and then give us the fancy stuff. MS clearly can't do both at the same time.

A non E mouse
12:48:55 EST Jun. 10 2005 #

Why do you think they need so many serious security fixes for windows/office within the first few months of release.
First sell, then fix, makes Bill a rich boy.

If you were to buy anything else at half the price that was so messed up you would take it back and demand a refund.

Nowadays it is just common practice to pay hundreds for shoddy software which you need to pay for again within a few years.
And if you can get away with running a normal system for years on a low budget you must be pirating the software.

10:58:00 EST Feb. 17 2005 #

Honestly, this page is about nothing more than people taking sides in a meaningless war. Sure, MS software has issues which the world would be better off without, but at the same time, if you really watch the web, Open Source and Mac software are being updated and bug-fixed all of the time for everything from minor fixes to serious security issues. Windows and IE are targetted because they're popular... and people complain about them because... they're popular (and its popular to complain ABOUT them). The recently comfirmed release of IE7 will be nothing to write home about... but then again, neither is opera, or firefox or navigator... They're all browsers *yawn* and we all use one of them for the same boring stuff *yawn*. IE7 will be nothing spectacular, I'm sure they'll add some security features, maybe tabbed browsing, but nothing more. This after all isn't the browser wars of the version 3.0/4.0 era

10:59:47 EST Feb. 17 2005 #

and no - MSN Explorer won't take over... it is after, just IE with a fancy sink

19:04:19 EST Feb. 18 2005 #

Why are you waiting for Microsoft to bring out software that you know is going to work just as "good" as its predecessor?

Save yourselves months of waiting and get a browser that already works more securely, efficiently and flexibly than IE.

My personal recommendation is Mozilla Firefox which can be located at [http:/ /www.] or Opera at [http:/ /www.]

IE is p*ssing off thousands of website developers worldwide because of its extremely poor support for CSS standards and native PNG alpha transparency. Almost all the other browsers I have seen support these faithfully except for IE which requires the horrible DX filter which limits rendering to an almost non-existant choice. Microsoft should feel embarrased about the lowgrade, buggy, insecure, overrated and sucky software they "develop". Windows is a ".9" release which should still be in beta stages and IE should be declared as an alpha build.

Like I said, save yourself the anti-climax and use a browser - and operating system for that matter - which is working to the standards of our modern day lives.

David C - david [at] sentrika [dot] net

20:25:26 EST Feb. 18 2005 #

I'm curious to know how they're going to support CSS2 as well... Will they be 'fixing' existing bugs thereby breaking our 'required slimy hacks' ? I've had to write hack after hack to fix rendering problems with layers, iframes, and a myriad of other simply ridiculous bugs. Recently I was part of a Flash menu development project in which I had to detect SELECT elements and IFRAMEs if they existed inside the RECT of my menus bounds and hide them while the menu was being shown. Then theres the issue of absolutely positioned DIVs not rendering properly over IFRAMEs. Mozilla and IE both exhibit rendering problems (mozilla would render the Selects properly, but not the IFRAME under an abs pos DIV) Officially, imo, every browser has serious standards compliance issues; all their hard work aside, I am, and I'm not, looking forward to IE7 ... It'll create alot of work for me which is good for my pocket book, but bad for my carpal tunnel ... D.

4:06:07 EST Mar. 15 2005 #

why would you not switch, for all intents and purposes mozilla works just like IE, what, you dont like the color scheme?

Microsoft fanboy
8:37:52 EST May. 12 2005 #

IE7 will own all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7:44:26 EST May. 27 2005 #

It seems like most of the hatred of IE is by developers. Sorry guys, you want to displace IE it's not going to have a thing to to with web standards, it's all about ease of use and what's on your computer when you buy it. For that reason IE will always be the largest share of the market, deal with it.

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