Longhorn for desktop, Blackcomb for Server

Microsoft this week confirmed rumors that its next Windows release, code-named Longhorn, would be a desktop OS only, and not a synchronized release including both desktop and server versions as originally planned. Likewise, the Windows release following Longhorn, code-named Blackcomb, will be server-only. Microsoft did tell me, however, that while the company has not announced an official release date for Longhorn, the time table for its release hasn't changed, contrary to rumors. This means we'll see Longhorn in 2004 or 2005, depending on which Microsoft official you believe.

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7:18:01 EST Dec. 11 2002 #

the previews i saw for longhorn were not too impressive, with some new changes its still just like xp. it comes with a new sidebar which contains a sys clock, desktop manager, internet search and a frequently used apps tray. other than that is almost just like getting Windows Blinds or Desktop X

2:50:03 EST Jan. 15 2003 #

Well, too early for judgment, it'll be ready in early 2005. so wait and see !

17:40:38 EST Feb. 26 2003 #

It's microsoft money churning tactics again. Don't be fooled by it again!!!

0:00:11 EST Apr. 4 2004 #

Windows Longhorn is a complete remake, its not built on any previous code. So it may LOOK like XP but it isnt made from XP.


2:53:19 EST Jan. 19 2003 #

the alpha version of longhorn is alread in the hand of Hakers so there are the first downloads of cracks ond also the microsoft longhorn software can be downloaded. To ny mind the software is almost ready to be sold. But let's wait !!! I hobe the software will be better than XP because there are large security hols in the program.

2:44:40 EST Feb. 5 2003 #

cant install longhorn on my pc? when press install , just a dos type windows popups and vanishes less than a second.

winMe/p3-700/384mb ram/

15:54:39 EST Mar. 2 2003 #

for those that are getting the Command line that disappears, try renaming the file with an ISO extension (.iso) and then burn with your cd burning software

7:26:18 EST Mar. 13 2003 #

How do you rename it as ".iso" as all you end up with is "filename.iso.exe", or I we showing our ignorance here.
We do have the longhorn setup file but from another source so we have no idea what the original longhorn.exe file was originally called as putting the 2 onto a cd produces nothing either as we assume the setup file is trying to find the ".exe" file under a differant name. Were hitting a brain storming brick wall on this one.
Any help or ideas appreciated.

16:58:51 EST Mar. 17 2003 #

hi, what i think is the problem its that you sould check for compatability with your hardware and the software application u have to run on it. when it flashes like that is either not campatable or it may have conflicks. also some NTFS files dont overwrite others so there are two filter you have to delete. hope that can help

11:55:42 EST Jun. 11 2003 #

i know why the DOS window pops up and dissapears. Its because Longhorn software fins on a new type of file manager called Yukon and new hardware is required to run the new software code that works with Longhorn based software, the software is called Pallidium. Its is not a NTFS based file system that it runs on.

1:39:44 EST Jun. 28 2003 #

you have to extract the files with winiso then you can burn a cd with roxio easy cd

2:40:57 EST Feb. 13 2003 #

I am running Longhorn Build # 3683 on a P2-233mhz with 128megs of RAM, Its slow because of the cpu. It looks beautiful! Some features are not working.

Screen Shots of Longhorn

8:31:54 EST Feb. 21 2003 #

You don't get it from a site hc, you really need IRC , as most warez has been closed by Microsoft by now.

9:55:03 EST Feb. 21 2003 #

Don't need IRC, just Get it from the NEWSGROUPS!!!

6:27:16 EST Feb. 23 2003 #

I think that we should all remember that Windows XP looked a lot like windows 2000 and ME when it's alpha screenshots were first posted. With a relese not dated until 2005 We should all wait and see a final copy or at least a beta. We do not have much to go on yet and although this is Microsoft we're talking about here I think that we'll all be impressed with the LH. I think a lot of what we all dreamed in 1985 is now becoming reality.

3:41:49 EST Feb. 24 2003 #

i got longhorn i got longhorn hahaha they need to fix ess allegro audio drivers cause it screwed up my sound card

8:03:17 EST Feb. 26 2003 #

I installed longhorn and when i try to download something using internet exlporer or msn explorer some error pops up and it closes the exlporer , does anyone else with longhorn get this problem too and if you do think you can help me fix it , thanks.

4:26:13 EST Feb. 27 2003 #

Rick - I saw a file on on a peer to peer file sharing program (winmx-free download)- the file was labeled longhorn xp download fix. I may even have it - I am trying to download Longhorn - Can you hook me up or do you know a good place to download it from?

Thanks, Mark

23:41:48 EST Mar. 15 2003 #

Mark, get Longhorn from eDonkey2000 (www.eDonkey2000.com) download software(GUI) and search for longhorn. The file should be about 529 MB

2:47:49 EST Jul. 8 2003 #

Hey, reply me and I'll send you the IE fix for Longhorn k' ?


4:23:57 EST Feb. 27 2003 #

Does anyone know where I can download Longhorn 3683 or newer builds? It's taking time getting any one of several files size versions off of P2P (WinMx)(478 mb, 555 mb, 728 mb)



13:44:08 EST Mar. 2 2003 #

get longhorn from eDonkey2000... I am downloading it right now...it starts pretty slow but if you're lucky it'll speed up!

18:00:52 EST Apr. 22 2003 #

CAREFUL- eDonkey loves to install tons of spyware on your computer, and if it messes up your computer bad enough like me you'll have to reinstall your entire OS.

18:21:55 EST May. 20 2004 #

first download a program called bittorrent its free find it by searching in google, then go to osdatacenter.tk and download the latest build of longhorn (currently 4053)...

1:54:56 EST Mar. 3 2003 #

what you are downloading and installing is not Longhorn full OS and will causes numerous problems as it doesnot contain all components
It will be very different with many new features and components

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