Plus! for XP gets a free update!

Thanks to NeoWin for this link

Are you really ready for this? To thank you for purchasing Microsoft Plus! for Windows XP, we're providing more levels, balls, and themes-FREE! These are automatically added to The Labyrinth Plus! Edition when you download The Labyrinth Bonus Pack. Download The Labyrinth Bonus Pack now and have a ball!

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15:20:26 EST Jan. 11 2003 #

Can you please send me the link to the update. The one on the Microsoft page is not working.
Thank you,

not none
11:17:28 EST Apr. 12 2004 #

if anyone responed to your message please can u tell me to my im is ssktl i can not write my e-mail it is a aol liike can write my e-mail but it is at aol im me please i would be very grateful

4:37:01 EST Jan. 11 2003 #

I love the 3-D games --make more for plus!!

3:59:44 EST Mar. 28 2003 #

Where is the update for XP Plus? I can not find it, not on any site. Help. Plus in pack one screen saver is missing space is missing.

5:18:57 EST Mar. 28 2003 #

follow the "more" image button (under the news description)

2:44:51 EST Jun. 28 2006 #

Where Can I download The Labyrinth?

Can you please tell me?

5:01:14 EST Mar. 18 2008 #

do you know where to find lybrinth download center

4:59:06 EST Mar. 18 2008 #

where do you download the lybrinth plus edition

10:11:42 EST Mar. 29 2003 #

13:12:26 EST Mar. 29 2003 #

Im having a problem with the update..Iv found it but when I click up date it says its a http file and supposadly this is where the update is found...but the address dosnt load up please help if there are any other places to download it or if the address will be fixed any time soon

2:36:08 EST Jan. 1 2007 #

good work
thanks foe this good programme

22:37:34 EST Sep. 29 2003 #

i realy like The Labyrinth Plus! Edition
please make more and better versions!!!

Good levels
9:13:42 EST May. 1 2005 #

Finished the game. A bit easy yeah.

2:37:44 EST Jun. 28 2006 #

Where Can i download the Labyrinth for free?

2:48:06 EST Jun. 28 2006 #

Can You Pleeease tell us where to download THe LAbyrinth plus???

8:24:27 EST Jun. 28 2006 #

Where can i download the Labyrinth Plus Edition

16:29:18 EST Jun. 10 2007 #

Official Word from Microsoft, is that Plus XP and Digital Media Edition of Plus, are supported up to April 2010, however like all of you I am finding there are no access to the website, anymore. When you go to the Plus Page, it says all the features your looking for are now a Part of Windows Vista.
I left a comment to the Search Page of MSN asking for a link or location, where you can upgrade it, to the fixes. I guess had I known Microsoft planned to stick support up my butt, I would have kept the Plus Updates that I downloaded many moons ago, and distributed them to a website. Now were all abandoned on the Internet Highway, and up the creek without a paddle. Clever Ploy on Microsofts part, to again force to spend your money in the act of software. Force you to buy Vista when you did not want to, and leave your old Software in the dark.

Scott Roberts
19:02:01 EST Jun. 28 2007 #

I have the update for the Plus! for XP I don't know how to upload it to a server, I need assistance

Scott Roberts
19:10:35 EST Jun. 28 2007 #

I was in here looking for a solution to unrelated issue and if someone could please help me to figure out how I could help many and I sure would like to

Scott Roberts
19:11:36 EST Jun. 28 2007 #

and I have a hotmail account but I am not sure if it will let me apply it in here but I will see if this works, it's shakemydemon @ It was a free update and I saved it to my slave drive because I format C often

11:17:42 EST Jan. 16 2008 #

Hello, I hate plus because microsoft took all of the updates off the website!!! I cant update the dancers or screensavers or even upgrade the plus games!

15:16:25 EST Apr. 7 2008 #

Ok here you go everyone!
Plus Digital Media update can be found here:
Separate dancer download utility, so you can download all the dancers can be downloaded via Microsoft from here:
If at some stage these links don't work anymore, email me at cybagirl @ (take out spaces) and I can give them to you.

17:54:19 EST Apr. 7 2008 #

Also I forgot to add here is a working link to the Microsoft Plus Labyrinth Bonus Pack:

19:52:04 EST Apr. 17 2008 #

Thank you so much for the labyrinth bonus pack, It installed just fine. I appreciate You taking the time to share this add-on, i thought i wasn't going to find it so thanks again :)

2:37:51 EST May. 8 2008 #

wow! thanks so much for the labrinth add on pack ^__^! -- And you didn't even post your name on it how very Altruistic 0.0

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