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NEW NetAgent 2.6

New addition to already stacked list of great features that this site has to offer. NetAgent will notify you about IT News.  So you can put end to all the times that you have visited news site and did not find any updates or went to the site and you found too many news to real all at one time.  And did I mention that it is for free. Only takes up 64Kb on your hard drive.
To learn more about NetAgent and to download it click here.

Alliance News

Now you will be able to checkout news from other IT News Sites on single page. Moreover, now you will always find even more news on WinInsider. All righ here. To learn how you can add your site to the News Alliance, click here.

Mobile News

On your PocketPC or Palm enter URL:
Please note that I do not have PDA (PocketPC, Palm) device, so I can not be sure how well it functions/looks. If there are any suggestions how to make it better to view, please send them.


Awesome Outlook style forum where you can chat on verity of IT and Developer subjects, ranging from XP to Visual Studio .NET. And while you are discussing IT topics; take few shots (jokes) at Microsoft's Competition in the Jokes forum.

Site Favorites

Instead filling up your Browser's Favorites folder, you can store links to pages on WinInsider or links to your favorite news postings using Site Fovorites link found on top toolbar of every pages.


Allows new users to open online profile. Used only once.


If you are registered user coming to site using different computer, or you cookie been deleted you may use sign-in to associate you with our profile on file.

Remember me

You may forget your member id or password; if this is the case we will email them to your to the most current e-mail address that you have provided us.

Personal Information Centre

This is you control panel for updating and managing your online profile

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Your feedback is very important; it helps to improve our site.


Customize front news page how you want it.


What's to come

in future...

If you have an idea that would improve any aspect of this site let us know. If we use your suggestion, then we will post your name on front page informing the rest of visitors of your idea.

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